Print It Off :: 28/31

Over and over this month I've mentioned how convenient it is and how much money you can save by printing your eBay shipping labels at home.  Today I thought I'd share my favorite printer with you!

It's a Brother Laser Printer and I love it!  I purchased mine on Amazon (see it here) and have not had one bit of trouble with it in the 16 months I've been using it.  This is NOT a color printer, only black and white.  It uses a high yield toner cartridge that I haven't had to replace yet.  (It comes with a "trial" cartridge that lasted me almost 6 months and then I put in my first purchased cartridge and it's still going strong!)

I also purchase sticky half sheet label sheets, usually on Amazon.  I have bought all sorts of brands and haven't found much of a difference.  You can of course print on a plain white sheet of paper, cut your label out and tape it on the package but that is kind of a hassle.  The sticker labels are really nice to have.  They make me feel legit.  ;)

My tip of the day?  Try a laser printer!   Mine is dependable and affordable.

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