Sell What You Love :: 11/31

Happy Saturday!  My tip of the day is a basic one today:  Sell what you love!

I am mainly writing about selling clothing this month because that is what I love to sell, and it's mostly what I choose to sell.  I love thrift shops and love looking through clothes.  I also love finding things for myself and my family while I am working!  Because I am doing selling what I love, it's usually really enjoyable for me.  If someone told me I had to sell auto parts I might not be loving eBay so much.  :/

Selling on eBay is a lot of work, no matter what, so selling what is near to your heart makes it easier to hang in there, I think.  If you're fighting against what feels natural to you, it won't be sustainable.

When I first sold on eBay 12 or so years ago, I sold vintage magazine ads.  I did pretty well with them and loved finding old magazines and lovingly cutting the ads out.  I sorted them all and put them in plastic sleeves with backer boards...I spent hours!!  You know what?  I still have 4 totes full of them in my basement.  It's hard to give them away but the thought of listing them is like torture.  I don't love them anymore!

So, think about that!  What do you love?  Kitchen items, vintage kitchen stuff, coffee mugs, shoes, clothes, kids clothes, home decor, art, purses, toys, auto parts, vintage magazine ads (call me!), the list goes on...

Maybe this should have been one of the first posts in this series?  I hope when I'm done I see a clear order to these.  :)  Thanks for reading along.

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