Selling on eBay Doesn't Have to Be Scary! :: 1/31

I get a lot of questions about selling on eBay so I thought I would join the Nester this year for her 31 Days challenge!

I first started selling on eBay about 12 years ago.  I was working at a job I was miserable at and selling here and there on the side.  After some really good sales I started thinking that I could make almost as much money as I was at my current job if I devoted more time to it.  My husband was very supportive so I took the leap!  I also decided to go back to school, so never sold full time, but it was so wonderful to be out on my own, doing what I love in between classes and homework.

Oh, wait.  I didn't mention that part yet, did I?  The "what I love" part?  Well, I love to SHOP!  Specifically thrift shop!  I love it, love it, love it!  I have found so many amazing things over the years for a fraction of what they cost new...a fraction!  This was the perfect scenario for me...get paid to do what I love!  ((happy sigh))

Anyways.  I will stop with the !!! now.  :)  I went to school and sold on eBay for almost 2 years, stopping when I had our oldest son.  I took about 9 years (or so) off and started up selling again, at the suggestion of a good friend and fellow thrifter, when I wanted to make some extra money for our family.  Two or so years later I am still at it!  Still loving it!  (Still struggling some days to get motivated...)

Every day (fingers crossed) I will show up here and share a little something about selling on eBay.  I'll cover everything from listing basics to some of my best selling items...secret things I always keep my eyes open for at the thrift store. 

October is the perfect time to start selling.  We are just heading into the holiday season and people are gearing up to BUY which makes it a great time to SELL!

If you have ever thought about selling but weren't sure where to start or how to go about it, I hope you'll join me this month!

p.s.  My first tip of the day: If you haven't yet, go register at eBay!

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Day 5 :: Vintage Halloween Thrift Score  
Day 6 :: Buy Low, Sell High
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Day 8 :: Why the eBay app is Your BFF 
Day 9 :: Everything Shipping  
Day 10 :: BOLO: Pat Pat the Rocket 
Day 11 :: Sell What You Love
Day 12 :: Dealing with Duds 
Day 13 :: Taxes & eBay 
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Day 15 :: Quick Nickel or Slow Dime? 
Day 16 :: BOLO: Advent Calendars 
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Day 18 :: Is an eBay store right for you? 
Day 19 :: Typical Week of eBay sales
Day 20 :: List, list, list 
Day 21 :: My eBay Listing Process, part 1
Day 22 :: My eBay Listing Process, part 2 
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Day 28 :: Print It Off


  1. Love this. Can't wait to see what you have to say. I still haven't tried selling on ebay. :/


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