Taking Pictures for eBay :: 3/31

Today I thought I'd tell you a little bit about taking good photos for your listings.  I would like to start by saying that I am not the best at this and am always trying to do better.  My biggest obstacle is finding good light!

If you read any blogs, you have probably noticed that flash photography is pretty much the devil.  The same goes for eBay listings!  Your items will look so much better in natural light and preferably against a neutral background.  That, my friends, is my tip of the day.  (Nobody wants to see your clutter in the shot, either!)

Sometimes this leaves me chasing from room to room looking for the best light and sometimes I just end up with slightly dark photos.  The nice thing is that on the next sunny day, I can snap a new one and switch them out.  Sometimes an item will sell soon after I do this and it's like a slap on the forehead!  Aha!  Pictures really do matter!

Last year I heard about these huge foam boards and usually get one whenever Office Max has free shipping.  :)  I could probably get one in the back of the van if a couple seats were folded down but it hasn't been necessary yet.  Anyways, the boards make a great backdrop and it's easy to hang a hanger over the top of them, unlike a sheet hanging over an old metal rack (which is what I heard someone used to do...cough cough.)

Also good?  A plain wall.  Not good?  Your floor.  yuck!  I read that people just don't want to see their possible purchase laying on a floor and I had to agree.  A sheet laid out on your floor is a good alternative, too.

Here's a shot from earlier today of my set up and below it is the image I used in my listing:

Next is a shot I took a little later when I was losing the light.  Can you see the difference?  (I also copied it from my listing so it is a little blurry but the color is the same...too dark.)

That is a picture that I will try to replace.

((The sweater is Eileen Fisher, though, so it might sell faster than I get to it...crappy photo or not...Eileen Fisher is a brand to watch for!))

eBay will let you have up to 12 photos in your listing.  I always take a shot of the whole front of the item, usually a close up of the label & size, a close up of any details on the item, and a full shot of the back of the item.  If there are any flaws, I photograph those, sometimes with a ruler in the shot to show size.  If I am listing pants I like to take a close up of the bum and the bottoms of the legs, too, to show any wear or lack thereof.  Look at your item and think for a minute...if it stands out in any way, good or bad, it's good to have a photo of it!

I also take a minute to crop my photos.  You can crop and rotate right in the eBay app but since I prefer to list on my computer, I use Picasa.  Any basic photo editing program will work.

One last thing for today!  My ebay seller ID is stephaniekg and you can see my current listings here, if you're curious.  I basically took the summer off to enjoy life with my family and am trying to get back into the swing of things again.  My goal is to get my store inventory up to 150 items by the end of the month!  

THIS is my landing post...you can click here to see a list of every post this month!


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