Vintage Halloween Thrift Score :: 5/31

While I mostly sell clothing and shoes now, when I first started out on eBay I sold mainly vintage collectibles.  Every now and then I find something that I just can't pass up and that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Tip of the day:  vintage Halloween is highly sought after!

I found this pack of unused crepe paper from maybe the 1930s at Goodwill for $1.09.

It sold for $129.00!!  Here is a link to the completed auction...scroll down a bit to get past all the ads eBay puts on those pages now.

Woo hoo!  Those kinds of finds don't come around every day so it is sure fun when they do.  :)

Next time you're at the thrift store, keep your eyes out for one of these...wouldn't that be nice!!

Have a great Sunday!

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