where is that going to go? :: 30/31

I cannot believe this month is almost over!  While I am happy this challenge is ending, I almost feel like I could keep going.  Almost.  Not quite.  Haha.

One final thing I want to talk about is how to store your merchandise!  There are 1,000,000 different ways you can do this...I am not claiming mine is the best...just sharing it.

My tip of the day?  Use thrifted finds to store your items!  All of my storage shelves & laundry baskets have been thrifted.  The baskets are usually a dollar or two and I haven't paid more than $20 for a shelf.

Once I bring an item home and wash it, it goes in a basket.  I have baskets for women's clothes, men's, shoes, misc....lots of baskets.  I also usually have a basket of pulled items that I want to list next.  Here are some of those baskets:
After I take a group of pictures I keep those photographed items together in a tote.  I try not to take any more photos until I get through what I've done.  I like this because I can carry this tote back down to the basement whenever i stop for the day and not have eBay stuff all over our living room.  (That is where our computer is.). Here is the stuff I photographed earlier:
After an item is listed it goes in a different section of shelving in the basement.  Thankfully, we have a large and totally dry basement.  If yours isn't I would suggest totes with lids instead of baskets.  Here are my shelves of already listed items:

In this area I separate by clothing type.  I have areas for tops, sweaters, outerwear, athletic wear, bottoms, shoes, etc.  I have had a couple frustrating moments due to big stacks and dim lighting but haven't lost anything yet.  :)

This job can easily take over your house if you let it.  Making sure everything has a "home" has been so important for me.  Coming home with 30 lbs. of clothing and no where to put it would be a nightmare!  (See also:things my husband would hate).

I strongly suggest taking a little time to think about your storage system!


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