Why the eBay App is Your Thrifting BFF :: 8/31

So you're at the thrift store and you see something that catches your eye.  Maybe it's a beautiful color or fabric, maybe it's really unusual or very well made...for whatever reason, it piques your interest.  The problem is, you don't know enough about it to know if it would be a wise investment.  Enter the eBay app.

I mentioned previously how the eBay app enables you to list new items on your mobile device.  Even more importantly, in my mind, is how it can help you do on-the-spot research! I rarely thrift shop without it now.  My tip of the day:  Use   the eBay app to research items you are thinking of buying to resell.

That funky looking label?  Search it on eBay to see if it really is from Anthropologie.  Those expensive looking shoes?  Search them!  That really nice sweater by Sonoma...look it up! (um, and then probably put it back.  no offense, Sonoma.  I love ya but most buyers don't.)

I believe the app only searches back 30 days but that is usually far enough to give you a pretty good idea if the item in question will sell, and for how much.

Here is a screenshot of the app open on my tablet.  This is the first screen that  comes up when you open the app.  I had a vintage hunting vest that I was curious about.

I hit the magnifying glass to search and here were my results:

There weren't any vests exactly like mine.  This could mean that I hit the jackpot and got the rarest hunting vest EVER!  Woohoo!  BUT, to be sure of that I did a more general search next and just put in "vintage hunting vest."  After the results came up, I clicked on REFINE, shown with the little gear symbol next to it, on the left of the app screen.  When the Refine options opened, as shown below, I scrolled down a little and selected Sold items.  (when you select Sold then Completed gets selected by default.)

What came up next were all the vintage hunting vests sold in the last 30 days.  I was mainly interested in the ones that brought in the biggest dollars so I selected Sort (with the two arrows near it) and the Highest Price + Shipping.  This will sort the list so I see the top sellers first.

I quickly scrolled through and saw that all the top selling hunting vests were from mainly a few brands and that mine was probably worthless, at least in eBay land.  It was also in poor condition so I left it there.
But, I learned to be on the lookout for LL Bean & Filson hunting vests so not a total loss!

That is how I look stuff up at the thrift store.  I always check sold items because if you check currently listed items you could see some big dollar amounts and get all excited but people can list stuff for however much they want...it doesn't mean it will sell for that much.  I also like to see the hightest price sold sales first, to see if it lines up with my 10x rule of thumb for a selling price.

I really encourage you to get the eBay app (iPhone , android ) if you don't already have it and start using it out in the field!  It has saved me lots of money over the last couple of years, that is for sure. 

Also, it makes the most awesome cash register sound when you sell something.  CHA CHING!  I love that sound.  :)

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