hello dear ones

Good morning. Nick is standing here next to me being, well, Nick. Which is to say adorably challenging. :)

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks:
I would like to say that last week I mowed over all those leaves with our mulching mower and it was SO satisfying.  I told Patrick afterwards that I had a fantasy (too much?) of driving around and mowing leafy yards everywhere.

We had a pumpkin carving night before Halloween this year!  Glory be!  It was fun and afterwards we watched a scary movie.  Monster House.  Kind of creepy but it turned out okay.   whew.

We had the chance to visit (ANOTHER) pumpkin patch with our friends.  It was a beautiful and really fun day.  :)  Afterward Patrick and I went and saw Gone Girl.  I didn't really like the book or the movie.  What a long ass movie.  Good acting, though, and I do like Tyler Perry.
I love James in this one:

My new glasses.  My sister likes them, mom doesn't.  I like them.  It's fun to see really well and not have contacts in all the time.  They are navy blue.

I need to get this Halloween crap off of my blog!!



  1. You guys are the cutest ever! And leaving this comment reminds me I have ebay questions for you :)

  2. I love your glasses. You look adorable. Ruby is so beautiful. She looks older all the sudden and her hair with her summer tan is perfect. Love you, miss you, kiss you!

  3. Thank you guys. xoxoxo Sybil, what are your questions? email me! Hi Kari!!!!!!! miss you! Sarah, love you.


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