Hi guys, How are you?  I am super frustrated trying to put legs on a little electric heater so I stepped away for a minute.  (deep breath)

Other than that, I am good!  Two and a half weeks into my November challenge and SICK TO DEATH of it.  :)  I don't always get my workouts in during the day so then I have them looming over my evening and I am sick of it.  But not quitting, not that sick.  I am on the cusp of something good or major frustration.  Too early to tell.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for something good.

Also, the day I peed my pants (just a little, mind you) I had also been drinking tons of water and didn't empty my bladder very well.  (until I started jumping, haha.)  I just need to say that I can totally knock out 100 jumping jacks with no peeing as long as I pee first!  You know, in case you were wondering.  500+ lots of water was just too much for me.  (I am going to pay attention, though!  Pelvic floor issues are no joke!!  google it.)

I am thankful for these next 11 days of November. (27.5 more miles but who's counting?)  I am ready for Christmas but not quite.  I did start listening to Christmas music last week, though.  And got some peppermint creamer.  :)  And I can't wait to read my new Advent book!  (well, new from the library.)  It seems wrong to follow with this but here it is:  there is a lot on my list this year, too!  It's kind of fun.  :)

Going back to devotionals for a minute.  I have been reading from Jesus Calling for kids after dinner a few times a week and I really like it.  This sounds awful but at first it felt soooooo cheesy to me!  It is written like God Himself is talking to you and that felt weird.  Now, though?  I love it.  I'm not sure how the kids feel but they all do okay listening and even Nick really seems to get some of it.  (oh, he has a tender heart.)  I love it because I normally have some quiet time first thing in the morning and by 6:00pm I can really use a reminder of what's important.  Lately God has been reminding me what selflessness really is.  Good times.  ;)

Nick and I made cookies this morning for his school snack and they came out SO FLAT.  I totally blamed it on him to his teacher.  hahahhahaahhaha  (j/k)



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