jumping jacks & sequins

Hi all, How are you today?  I am good.  Super thankful for my cozy house and coffee on this cold, wet day with the first snowflakes coming down out there.  Thankful that both of my kids thanked me for their ride this morning.  :)  Thankful that I survived the jumping jack challenge yesterday.  (barely.)

Okay, so as part of this November challenge group that I joined is doing these countdown challenges.  There are 7 different ones and you have to do one 5x per week, trying them all AT LEAST ONCE.  I had 2 left to try, a leg one (squats) and the jumping jack one.  I tackled jumping jacks yesterday and thought I would DIE.  My heart rate kept getting up super high so I would stop for a minute and it would come down (pretty quickly) but then shoot right back up.  It was tough.  It took me 20 minutes and I burned 190 calories.  About 10 minutes after I finished I laid down and didn't wake up until the doorbell rang...kids home from school.  It was only 20 minutes but I was dead to the world.  And yeah, Nick was here.  :)  Thankfully Patrick's iPad babysat him for me.  OH man.  Not doing that again.  I also peed all over myself and my breasts hurt today.  pms or jumping jacks??  who knows???

I don't want to add the cute image they made because it's not mine to share.  If you want to try it, it consists of: 100 regular jumping jacks, 90 cheer jumping jacks, 80 modified lunge jacks, 70 cross jumping jacks, 60 split jacks, 50 hop jacks, 40 high knee jacks, 30 squat jacks, 20 plank jacks and 10 burpee jacks.  You can find examples on YouTube if you don't know what they are.  (I didn't.)

HOWEVER, this is why I am loving this group.  It is really challenging me!  I would NEVER have chosen to try that on my own.  :)  I am already wondering if they are having a December challenge.  It is a lot of work (about an hour of exercise a day...mileage + challenges) but it feels really good, too.  If not December, then January.

I have really fond memories of last December.  It is all a blur of jam thumbprints and watching Downton Abbey.  Ah, delightful.  :)  While I loved it, I am not sure I want to fully embrace that again this year.

Quick subject change but kind of related because, the holidays are coming.  I got a beautiful Calvin Klein sequin skirt, just like this one:

 I got it at the Dig, so it cost me about $1.  I didn't notice until I got home that it had a bunch of chocolate mushed into the back.  gross!  (don't ask me how I didn't notice...I must have been blinded by sequins!)  The previous owner totally melted a mini milky way or something down with her ass and then donated the skirt instead of cleaning it.  Now, I loved it but not enough to get it dry cleaned.  I sprayed some Oxi Clean on that thing and threw it in the machine in a lingerie bag.  Good as new!!  I have a secret passion for sequins but I have NEVER worn them.  That has to change soon.  I love this skirt!

And that is all.  This has been kind of awkward, hasn't it?  :)



  1. Goodness Steph! If you peed yourself mind your pelvic floor with all that nonsense.

  2. No worries, I can knock off 100 with no problem...that was just too many with a not quite empty bladder. :) TMI


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