Happy December!! 

I'm happy it's December, are you?  I have no action plan this year or anything, just a mental list of the most important stuff.  Daily devotions, chocolate calendars, shopping, cards to mail, wrapping, cookies, watch Christmas Vacation with Patrick.  The basics.  Oh yeah, I still have to decorate!  We have the tree up (FAKE!) but that is all so far.

So how are you?  I'm good.  Patrick is on a short trip to NYC and I am so jealous.  He ate at a great place in Harlem last night and I'm trying to get him to find Red Rooster tonight.  I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich last night, though, so there's not much to be jealous about if I really think about it.

I started listening to the Serial podcast last weekend and I was almost immediately hooked.  I finished the 9th episode last night (after my delicious sandwich) so now I'm waiting like everyone else for it to be Thursday.  It is so good.  Check it out if you haven't!!  (start with episode 1) Do you have any favorite podcasts?  I need more!!!

We had a really good long weekend until Sunday when the kids took turns driving us nuts.  Wednesday was at home, low key, just busy prepping food.  Thanksgiving was at my sister's and it was (surprisingly, haha) delicious.  (I say surprisingly because we all said our offerings had something wrong with them but they all came together beautifully)  After dinner we went shopping and that was really fun.  I got some good deals and we were home by 11:00.  On Friday we decorated our tree and laid around a lot.  On Saturday we left the house due to beautiful weather and went to a park.  Sunday was annoying and boring until I went to my mom's for dinner and wreath decorating.  It was really yummy and fun and I want to steal my sister's wreath as it is the CUTEST.  :)

My November challenge morphed into a December challenge.  WHAT??  You mean I have to keep this up?????  Well, kind of.  For November part of it was get 75 miles in (which I did! Yay!) and do those other 5 workouts a week plus weekend challenges.  In December they are calling it the "12 5Ks of Christmas" so we only have to do that plus weekend challenges.  I think that is around 37 miles (half) so not bad at all.  I am going to challenge myself to do 4 workouts/week plus my mileage because I know that extra work is what is helping me lose weight and tone up.  I've lost around 5.5 lbs!  It feels good.  I am using my fitness pal and I really like the accountability of that.  If you are on there and want to be friends, let me know!  I am stephaniekgb and my food diary is open.  ;)  (be warned:  I like sugar.)  I really am so thankful that they are continuing through this month of food, food, food.  (cookies, cookies, cookies)

Okay, I have to go get something done.  xoxoxoxo


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