Thursday, January 30, 2014

JC Penney, bitchezzzzzz!

How are you today? Today I am thankful. I felt so awful for a lot of yesterday and feel sooooo much better this morning. I had aches and chills and a sore throat but it seems mostly gone today. My sister felt like crap, too, so I am hoping when I talk to her later she is on the mend as well. So, today is a good day! It looks like I will get out of the house!! (shhhhhhh. I shouldn't say that out loud yet.)  Patrick also got sick but he just got up and he seems to be a little better today, too.  (Not to be selfish but I hope he is even better on Saturday so he can finish our cabinets!!!!!  So excited to see them all done!!!!)

Well, my chart ended yesterday!  I did it!  These last 2 days (I started feeling sickly on Tuesday) were pretty touch and go on the exercising but I felt well enough to do it both days.  I have had at least 8 glasses of water, read a devotional/my bible, exercised, and flossed my teeth every day for the last 4 weeks.  Woohoo!  I am starting a new chart on Feb. 1st, this time with 8 daily goals, and am looking forward to it.  I am also looking forward to these next couple of days when I am not going to even brush my teeth, glance at my bible, or drink not a drop of water.  Oh, and I will eat 2 cakes while not moving from the couch.  ;)


I didn't weigh myself when I started this but I have been also sticking within my recommended calories from SparkPeople (aside from a cheat day each was pretty major...brownies & wine...the other 2 were minor).  And I have lost 2.5 lbs since my first weigh in, 3 weeks ago.  yay!  Just kidding.  2.5 lbs???  There were days I was down as much as 4 but today it was just 2.5 so I thought I would share that.  I know I am building tons of muscle, though, so it's okay.  Again, just kidding.  :)  I have to say I am feeling a bit more toned and it's probably due to the body weight-bearing exercises I've done this month.  Of course I would have liked to tell you I lost 8lbs but that just didn't happen.  I do feel really good, though.  I did these daily workouts quite a few times and have done this one now and let me tell you, it ain't easy!  I am also interested in the 100 Squats a Day but doing squats with the proper form (where your bum drops down below your knee) is not easy, either.  I would be lucky to do 30, I think.  I might try today.

A funny thing:  We had dinner at Annie & Ronan's last weekend (brownies & wine) and Andrea took all of our blood pressures and we were amazed at what a healthy bunch we were.  Then we started wondering if the 3 bottles of wine had anything to do with that.  :)  hahahahha.

Some random pictures from my phone now, okay?  Okay.

Here is James and his buddy biding their time with K'Nex until I would let them play Minecraft again.  :)

Ruby during an unplanned nap one afternoon.  She does love to be cozy:
Annie & Ronan came to our house for dinner a couple of weeks ago and we ended the night with Patrick pushing our littlest boys across the kitchen floor.  They loved it:
My makeshift cabinets.  I love this little shelf.
This was a big accomplishment for Nick last week:
Last January I was taking selfies at the Musee d' Orsay.  This January?  In the bathroom at JC Penneys waiting for Nicky to finish pooping.  :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

v-o-u-c-h // c-r-e-e-p-y

James represented his class in the 4-6 grade spelling bee yesterday and was the last 4th grader to get eliminated!  He made it down to the last 11 kids (starting with 30).  We were so proud of him and it was really fun to watch.  What made me the proudest?  That the first thing he said after walking off the stage was how fun it was.  :)  I love when he tries new things as he isn't always willing to do so.  The word he missed was vouch.  haha.  He correctly spelled it for me right afterwards but said he thought they had said "vought."  ??  Which is not even a word.  :)  Love him.

Patrick put up the last piece of crown molding on our cabinets last night and they look sooooo nice.  He thinks he'll finish painting them this weekend.  We actually are missing one cabinet, it's on order, so we will have to wait for that to come in to be totally finished but that's okay.  I love it all and think our kitchen is going to look soooo nice.  What a big difference a little $$ and some hard work can make.  Of course, doing one thing makes you want to do everything else so I am trying to hold my horses and "add it to the list."  We are actually getting a lot crossed off of our list but it does keep growing.  ;) 

I have one week left on my 4 week calendar and am definitely doing another one next month, with some additions.  I will start my new month on Feb 1st, though, so I have a couple days off.  So, NO FLOSSING FOR TWO DAYS!!  woohoo!  PARTY! 

That sounds so gross, doesn't it?  To celebrate not taking care of your teeth??

I am so creepy sometimes.


Monday, January 20, 2014

christmas 2013

Remember last Christmas? Yeah, me neither.  :)

Here are some pics from ours. 

James has the perfect size thumb for jam thumbprints:
Always a favorite:
Ruby's wrapped packages:

James wrapping: 
*I want to add that this was the first year that my kids bought gifts for others with their own money.  It was their idea, they picked them out and wrapped them.  It was pretty sweet. 

James making me coffee:  (we have since replaced the microwave...yay!)
Christmas Eve eve:
Our hotel tree:

At Grandpa's house:
Ruby lost both of her front teeth in December:
James and I:


So how are you today?  My kids have today off of school so we are having a lazy-ish morning and will go out later for some paint. 

We are doing a bit of an update on our kitchen and while it seemed daunting at first (Patrick kind of sprung it on me and even though we had discussed it, I was like, "today?!), I am into it now.  My mom and my sister and my brother in law have all given me (us) good advice and I feel quite happy now that I am trusting my GUT.  :)  I am finally getting the white cabinets I've wanted for the last 9 years.  woohoo!!

My kids are negotiating playdates so it's time to wrap this up.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

the chart, itchy eyes & no cable

I have to tell you.  I was bitter about flossing last night but I did it.  I had to...look how far I've come!  Also, if it wasn't for this chart I surely wouldn't have exercised (or really done ANY of these things) all these days in a row.  Also, I am sick of freaking drinking water but look at all those pretty Xs...just look at them.  sigh.  I hate this freaking chart but I am also thankful for it.  :)  I set the bar low for exercise for this first month getting back to it.  15 minutes a day, that's it.  Plenty of days I do more but on those days that I just can't...I can always find 15 minutes.  Also, anything goes.  Shoveling, walking, ice chipping, kettlebell...whatever.  I am already thinking about next month as much as I hate to admit that.  But I don't want to quit any of this stuff so do I add more??  I know I need to have an ebay goal in place and soon.  I am slowly getting back into it but slower than I'd like to be, honestly.

How are you today?  I am sitting here trying not to scratch my eyes out.  They are so itchy for some reason!!  Probably this dusty crap I've been listing on ebay.  (hahhahahaha...just kidding!  I only sell the best!  (seriously.))  Nicky is at Sarah's and I am taking a break from work.  I might exercise now, come to think of it. 

We are having a small Valentine's Day get together and I'm kind of excited.  Just a few couples and their kids but it should be fun.  We have never had more than one family at a time here (aside from our own family members) so it is out of my comfort zone (and house size?) but I am googling small house party tips and hoping for the best.  My mom agreed to make us a valentine's version of her cut out cookies so how bad can it be?  :)

We are surviving without cable but I cannot say we do not miss it.  We do.  Some days more than others.  It is only a phone call away and that knowledge helps.  :)  It's mostly on the weekends that we feel the absence.  We liked having the Food Network on sometimes or was just nice.  I had a weak moment before Christmas and found myself googling how to break into cable boxes.  HAHAHAHA!!  I really was!  But I would never.  It is only $40 a month to turn it back on (without DVRs).  That is not out of our range but we are just trying not to now.  I do like that the kids watch it a lot less.  You have to work a little harder to find something you like (on Netflix or Amazon) so that is a deterrent sometimes, I think.  Ruby loves to watch animal movies so she will turn those on first thing Saturday mornings.  (like Air Buddy)  Nicky took it upon himself to learn how to operate the DVD player yesterday.  haha.  Necessity is the mother of invention, I guess. 

I better get my butt moving.  I am hoping it is PMS that is causing my body to not lose any weight this week.  So annoying! 


Monday, January 13, 2014

january, bitchezzzzz

Patrick took every photo off of my computer last night.  EVERY ONE.  I logged into Picasa and all I found was this:

No photos found!!

How bizarre.  It was long overdue but that doesn't make it any easier.  I feel almost naked.  They are all safe on our own cloud now and that couldn't make me any happier.  But still!  


I guess I will have to take some more.  (and organize them neatly!! and not have folders inside of folders inside of folders!  (oh, he hated that!))  heehee

How are you?  I hope all is well on this 13th of January.

I have to say, I love January now.  It is still winter but it's got a purpose, you know?  It's all fresh starts and bare walls and new ideas.  I also loved the extra days we had off for freezing weather last week.  For some reason a whole day where I don't have to do anything or go anywhere (unless I want to) feels very encouraging to me.  I did so much organizing and it felt sooooo good.  (but also jumped at the chance to go to Wendy's when she called and invited us.)  :)  Patrick and I got a lot done over the weekend, too, and I was so proud of him.  We made a master list of things to do and got a whole bunch crossed off.  (Lord, please let this happen again.  (and again.) Amen.)

Before I forget!  Some of my favorite things Nicky says right now:  hanks (thanks, also he says his thank yous with real meaning.  this kid is really thankful I poured him that bowl of cereal.), sumpin (something "Mom, I got to tell you sumpin.) and yast day (last day meaning yesterday)  I only have a few months left of three and I have to say I am a little sad.  Three is pretty awesome.  Will he still want to start and end every day with a good cuddle when he is four???  sigh.

My goal chart is going well but I am a little sick of it.  But I am not stopping so it is DOING ITS JOB.  I will show you at the end of the month soon.  All of those Xs are so pretty.

I should do a little recap of Christmas.  We went to Duluth for the holidays, left Christmas Eve morning.  We stayed at the hotel and celebrated on Christmas day at my Dad's house and then my brother & Erin's house.  My Dad has mountains of snow and it was beautiful and fun to play in.  (although I got stuck in snow up to my waist and for a minute I worried Dad would have to pull me out with his Bobcat.  awkward.  thankfully, I heaved myself out.)  The day after Christmas all of our cousins (well, 3 of the best of them ;) ) came to Duluth with their kids and my aunt and all stayed at the hotel for a night, too.  It was so much fun to see them and all their kids and I love them so much.  We also saw our family on Patrick's side and had delicious pizza.  I read an absorbing book (The Goldfinch, although I didn't like the last 5 pages or so) and ate a shit ton of cookies.  The end.  :)  We travelled home the Saturday after Christmas and Patrick got very sick.  I watched a lot of Downton Abbey and ate the best licorice ever.  My sister and I took our kids to an open gym on New Years Eve and later we went to my friend Carolyn's for a small party.  The big kids were thrilled to stay up so late with their friends.  (Nick stayed home with a recovering but not 100% Patrick.)

It was a really fun season but super hectic.  I felt like it snuck up on me and I didn't much like that.  As a personal note to self:  get back to being organized again next year.  Also, don't be afraid to cut stuff.  I made lots of cookies but didn't do an annual book.  I bought Advent calendars.  We didn't do many crafts but those gingerbread kits will keep until next year.  Next year I want to do a family Advent devotional every day with the kids.  That was the main thing I felt bad about failing on this year.  (we started but quit after a week) (okay, and maybe I feel a little bad about the book.)

I know this will make me sound old but I am big on writing things on my calendar now to remind myself what I learned.  Like in Oct & Nov 2014, I am writing, "Stephanie!  Exercise.  Just a little.  It makes a big difference!"  In December I am writing, "Advent devotional! Jam Thumbprints!  Enjoy."  Otherwise I will forget the lessons of this year.  Guaranteed.

I think I have gone on long enough with no photos.  

Also, I am hungry.


p.s.  I am not sure I recorded this when I wrote all about Paris but every time I would get somewhere famous I would think to myself, "Eiffel Tower, bitchezzzzz!" or "Arc de Triomphe, bitchezzzzz!"  It cracked me up but I couldn't stop.  Who are these bitchezzzzz I was referring to?  I have no idea.  hahahaha.  so funny.

sob.  Paris.


Monday, January 06, 2014

green tea and storage totes

What up, 2014!! 


I'm not really that excited this morning, are you?  I shudder at the thought.

I just fixed a cup of coffee (with too much sugar and that must be a LOT for me to say that) and my kids are all watching Wild Kratts.  It feels just like the old days!  School is closed today due to cold weather so we lucked out with a three day weekend.  I fell in love with slow mornings over Christmas break so that was sad for me last week.  I missed them.  While I don't miss my children staying up until 10:00, I do miss them sleeping in until 8:00.  :)

So anyways.  How is your new year starting off?  So far so good over here.  I ate my way through December (jam thumbprints & cut outs, I'm looking at you) and while it was quite enjoyable, the aftermath is not so much.  I did a walking workout the other day and certain parts of me were much jigglier than usual.  I am SO out of shape.  Aside from some walking, I haven't had any good exercise since September. 

Okay, I just went back to January of 2013 (sob, Paris!) and found this passage I wrote on January 9th:

"In other news, I'm exercising again!  The Christmas cookie pudge needs to go and even if the scale has (mostly) stayed the same, the body is definitely not the same.  I've been feeling woefully out of shape and mucky and am happy to be moving again.  It feels so familiar to me, it feels like such a hug to myself.  I know that sounds stupid but I've really missed regular exercise and have been missing it since SEPTEMBER."

Haha, I am so predictable.  I think I should count on not exercising much Oct, Nov & Dec unless I do something drastic.  This year I saw a couple pledges on instagram to exercise all the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas and thought about joining one of them.  I want to next year.  I'm going to write that on my calendar to remind myself.  Because I am old.

As it is January, I started some new things.  Not so much resolutions for the year but more like goals for the month.  Nothing very exciting, just some things I like to have in my life that had fallen to the side during the hectic holiday season.  I found this chart on lifehacker that I really liked:

I can't find the original link right now but it's based on this idea.  The guy that made the chart above just wanted one chart for 4 goals.  I chose my four goals and do enjoy making my Xs everyday.  I don't want to break the chain!!  I will let you know at the end of the month if it worked or not.

I mentioned to my sister the other day that it must be January as I was drinking green tea and dreaming of new storage totes.  :)  Are you like that?  Any resolutions or goals?

I want to write about our Christmas sometime as it was a good one.  I think my only regret for 2013 is that I didn't take pictures of my mom & dad's cut out cookies.  Lord knows I ate enough of them, but I'd really like some pictures.  I should write that down for next year, too.  :)  They both make delicious cut outs, that taste the same, and they are my weakness!!  Cookies are my love language, I think.  My grandma used to make these phenomenal cookie trays every year and when I was older, and she knew how much I loved them, she would make me my own special tray to take home with me.  I would LOVE to have a photo of those cookies.  I will have to ask around. 

Happy New Year to you all!! 



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