Wednesday, February 26, 2014

not a super uplifting post but are they ever?

I am doing all I can to reign in the crabby today but let me tell you.  It is hard.  I am soooooo irritable.  This morning was tough.  Patrick helped us get through it but my patience was so short.  I hope I am feeling back to normal soon. (pms.  ugh.)

Also, ready for spring.

Also, want to eat all the snacks but not going to.

So, how are you?  :)

I worked yesterday and am home today with Nick. We've already watched one hour of the Bachelor and had a hot wheels race.  I am hoping he'll go down for a nap soon.  HAHAHA. 

I realized something about Ruby yesterday.  She has a few girlfriends that she really likes but I have noticed that she never really seems like herself when she is with them.  She has fun but never seems just like the real Ruby I know like she does with her best buddy next door, Brennan, whom she has grown up with.  Her friend Carson was over yesterday and I was listening to them and realized, "Hey!  She sounds just like herself!"  I think with girls (or the girls she hangs out with from school) she feels like she has to act a certain way already.  :(  How sad is that?  But with her male friends she can just be her slightly crazy self.  I am glad I noticed this and am filing the info away because it seems important in a way I can't quite put into words on this grumpy morning I am having.

time for another hot wheels race.  Dear Lord, help me through this day.  Give me a soft heart and kindness when I feel a lack of both.



Friday, February 21, 2014

a few pictures and FRIDAY

Good morning, dear ones. It is windier than heck here but my children are happily at SCHOOL! Yay, School! I am excited for summer, too, but I plan on enjoying these last few months of SCHOOL!

Last year sometime I got this little aqua shelf that I loved. 

 Once we painted the wall gray, however, I quickly fell out of love.  So I painted it white.  ULTRA PURE WHITE if you're wondering.  The same (non) color that we are painting everything from now on forever. amen.
For V. Day it was a little bar area! 

Here is their special breakfast of love.  You can almost feel the love radiating from the room.
Or is that the blinking hot pink hearts??  :)

Also, little Martinelli bottles of flowers for my guests.  I love those little bottles and was glad I hung onto them.  (how often does one say that???)  I think they switched to plastic now.  TRAGEDY.

Well, I better get to work.  This basement full of shit isn't going to sell itself.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

fell off the wagon and MORE

So I totally fell off the goal wagon last Sunday.  Remember when I was going to take those two days off between Jan & Feb and totes slack off?  Well, I didn't.  I did everything those two days and banked them for when Annie & I took our shopping day in February.  The shopping day hasn't happened yet (due to kitchen stuff) so I took those two days for our party & the day after.  And then the day after that.  :)  I needed some time, man.  Time to veg on the couch, take a nap and read a book.  No regrets and I am back on track now.  Next month I am even giving myself one day off a week.  I am not a machine.  ;)  obvs.

Our kitchen is totally finished (well, phase one is.  phase two involves big things that we won't even think about for a while.)  I love it.  It's what I always wanted.  :)  Our valentine's get together was really fun even though I was really tired and felt a little off on my hostessing game.  :)  My sitting on the couch game was on point, though.  We had our v-day breakfast that morning, too, which the kids always love.  Hmmmmm, what else?  At the party all the kids wanted to sleep over here and we ended up having 4/5 of them.  I couldn't believe Patrick said yes!  Nicky was at grandma's...he didn't even really know we had a party.  Poor Nick.  He can come next time.

The last 2 days have been gorgeous (40!!) and yesterday Nick and I went to Andrea's and the boys played outside and then we walked to Culver's for lunch.  Did you know Culver's has delicious sprinkles???  They do!  I could have eaten all of them last night.  Luckily they weren't here.

Today was supposed to be a work day but instead it was a 2 hour delay and I drove everyone to school before I realized it.  :(  So now we are home and Nick will go to daycare tomorrow instead.  Fine by me.  I hope he is in the mood to watch Call the Midwife later.

Have you seen that??

OH MY GOSH.  My sister and mom told me about it last year but I am just watching it.  SO GOOD.  I was laughing and tearing up last night and could have totally had an ugly cry but held back.  Patrick and I have Sleepytime tea almost every night now and last night it was my turn to make it and I said NO when he sweetly asked me!  I couldn't stop watching!!  :)  I promised him some tonight.

I have been at that weight I spoke of a while back for a week now.  If I didn't know better I'd say this weight is HAUNTED and I am cursed to never get below it.  Instead, I am hanging in there and hoping I will get past it this week or next.  I mean, COME ON.  I could have eaten all the sprinkles but I DIDN'T!

Want to know what I did eat yesterday?  Well, I'm going to tell you anyways.  hahahahhahaha!  In case you're wondering what 1650 calories can look like, here it is:

1.5 eggs/1.5 wheat toast with bit of butter/3 turkey sausages: 300 calories
coffee:  100 calories
hershey's kiss:  25 calories
apple:  100 calories
culvers chicken strips/bbq sauce/bit of butter/mashed potatoes/applesauce/2/3 of a single scoop of vanilla with sprinkles: 650
pistachios: 80
taco salad (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, gr. turkey, low cal sour cream, taco sauce):  320
banana:  100 ...1680 or something?  Lots of food!  And yes, mashed potatoes and applesauce totally counted towards my fruits & veggies yesterday.  :)

I have a few pics I will post in a while once I shake these kids off my leg.


Thursday, February 13, 2014


Good morning, dear ones.  I want to start out by thanking you guys for some of your recent comments.  :)  I never know how to reply so you will see it so I should figure that out some time.  Michelle shared her line, "The choices you've made." and I love it!  I need to remember it now to use it.  Also, Sybil, thanks for the calorie intake encouragement.  I always just trusted sparkpeople because so many people use it and I guess I should have questioned it more.  Who wants their metabolism to slow down???  Not me.  :)  Also, Sarah, you are always so sweet to me and I love you.  Also, I wore jeans yesterday that I know you would have liked.  wink, wink.

:)  hahahahhaa.

So last night I was up until TWO AM.  Can you believe it?  I hardly can.  Patrick and I FINISHED the painting of the kitchen.  Holy cats, that was a lot of work.  By tomorrow, when everything will be put back together, it will have been 27 days since we started.  Want to see??

before, a little bit in progress:

 after, not quite finished but close enough to show you:

woohoo!!  We love it!  I think it looks SO much better with our new appliances and I don't even hate our countertop with it.  (we still want a new one but it's not a priority.)  I am so happy.  Patrick really likes it, too.  I like that we did it together without fighting.  :)  It looks much prettier in natural light so maybe next week I will take a few more pictures to show it off.

Today I am supposed to be working but since I was up until TWO AM, who knows what will happen.  :)  I have a ton of stuff to do around here plus make two lemon loafs (starbucks copycat recipe) for tomorrow night.  I am thankful for this quiet day to get stuff done.  My mom took Nicky yesterday, too, which was wonderful. 

A few things to share from this past week:

Two nights ago, Patrick brought this home:

 It is an assortment of pies from Hubbard Ave. Diner and they have GOOD pie.  I had one half slice of Tiramisu and it was delicious.  The kids went nuts, obviously.  :)
Last week, Annie, Ronan, Patrick and I went to a beer tasting dinner in New Glarus.  The beer was a cherry one, Wisconsin Belgian Red from the makers of SPOTTED COW, and was just okay.  It was weird, honestly, but I didn't hate it.  The whole night was fun and this cheese they started us with was all so yummy.
 My auntie Lee was in town last week and one day she took us out to lunch at a cute little cafe in Paoli.  (Sarah, you would love it here.  We must go.)  It was so fun and Nicky was good for the whole two hours.  Who knew??  :)
 I read this book this week and LOVED it.  I don't have time to talk about all the memories/emotions this book brought up for me.  It's not like it's my story or anything but SO much of it rings SO true.  Loved it.
 And, on a final note, I sold this old (1910s 1920s?) full length apron yesterday to a man in South Africa for $99.00.  Yay!!  I love this apron, it reminded me so much of Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey.  I totally wore it around the house one day.  :)  So happy it sold, though.  (the color is off in this photo but it showed the whole apron.)
Now I must go eat.  Hungry.


Monday, February 10, 2014

reset button

I need a reset button.  What a Monday morning!  I yelled at 2/3 of my children before 8:00 am and that stinks.  I won't bore you with the details, it was just one of those mornings.  sigh.  I need to shake this off now because I have a lot to do today including be a good mom to Nicky.  Only 6.5 more months until 4K.  ;)

If I am keeping track, and I should be, I have a lot to be happy about today.  Our cabinets look BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE them.  They are almost all up (aside from 2 new doors we ordered that still need to be sanded/primed/painted) and Patrick put the new drawer pulls on and I just love them.  They are the cabinets I always wanted.  How cool is that??  Very.  It was so much work, though!  Not really hard work, but tiring and a lot of it.  Especially with 3 kids in January/February.  But, it is going to be DONE soon and I never dreamed it would really happen.  Half of the kitchen is painted, too, and we love the new wall color.  Yay! 

On Sesame Street they are showing all these kids on a playground and let me tell you, I cannot WAIT to be at playgrounds again.  What a long winter.  dude.

I am finding my new monthly goals to be annoying and tedious (note the bad attitude) but I am doing them.  I also thought about it last night and realized there are many days that I totally would NOT be doing this stuff if not for my chart so I am thankful for it.  I want to get into the habit of listing on ebay daily because I want to work to some capacity all through the summer.  I hope by starting now that it will be ingrained in me by then.  I wonder when I will lose interest in these charts??  If you've been around here for a while you might have noticed that things fall in and out of favor with me pretty regularly.  :)  I hope that even if I quit them at some point that I will take back up with them as they are pretty effective for me.  Has anyone else tried one?

Last month I heard about this calorie calculator which told me I should be eating about 100-200 calories more per day than the high end of the range that sparkpeople gave me.  (which is 1200-1550 calories a day)  I decided I would try that this month, eat more every day, but that the calories would come from the 5 fruits and veggies that I made a part of my monthly goals.  So, I'm not eating 4 more oreos a day, I'm eating an apple/banana/carrots/pea pods/spinach instead.  It's been 10 days and I really like it.  Before I would try to stay around 1400 calories most days and I divided it up as 900 calories before 5pm and 500 calories after.  The 500 calories in the evening seemed about perfect for dinner and a small treat at bedtime but the 900 daytime calories seemed really hard.  Now I have 1150 during the day (I am shooting for 1650/day) and it is soooooo much better.  And fruit and veggies are really filling!  huh.  who knew?  :)  Many days I am having a hard time eating them all.  Not by much but I do have to think about a healthy snack that I can have to get another 100 or so in.  (see also: mind games with self...tell me I can only have so much and I want more.  tell me I can have more and I am fine with less.  wth???  ;)  )

That was a long winded way of saying that I am eating more (healthy foods) and I am losing weight at about the same rate, maybe a little more.  That same site had another article about the average rate of weight loss, which is not 2lbs a week like we hear all the time, but actually .05-.1% of your body weight per week, which is exactly the range I fall into.  That made me feel better, too.  I like that site.  It tells me happy things.  :)

I hate to say it but I feel better now.  I need to make a list because I have a LOT to do.  I know it won't all get done but hopefully some of it will.  Thanks for reading all of this, if you did. 

I hope your Monday started out better than mine did.  If not, think about some of the good things in your will probably help.


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2 things I want them to learn

You know how people always say, "My mother always says..." or "My father always says..."?  Just recently I realized I have two of those "sayings" that I want my kids to learn.

The first begins with an attitude that I've learned the past 5 years or so that got its start when I began taking anti-depressants when Ruby was 18 months old.  It was then that I became much more comfortable just rolling with the punches that life with two little ones can bring.  I had the drugs to help me to do that but I think doing it over and over made a pathway for my brain that I kept following even after I stopped taking them.  Sometime in the last year I was describing this to my mom and she said her mom was always able to do that...just shrug her shoulders when something would happen and say, "Oh, well!"  Like, okay that happened.  What are you going to do?  Moving on now.  I was so happy to have some words that went along with my thought process when things come up, as simple as they were, and even happier that I could relate them to my Grandma.

So I want my kids to learn how to say, "Oh, well!" like I try to and like my grandma did.  (xoxo)

The second thing I want them to learn is a saying that I learned on a blog.  :)  This sentence is the tagline for the Nesting Place blog and when I read what she wrote about it and how she used it, I loved it and found it to be so true.  And freeing.  And I say it a lot to myself now...It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  Thank you, Nester.  I apply it to so many situations and it's not a cop out line giving me permission to leave something sloppy or not do my best, it's more of an acceptance line reminding me to see the beauty in what I have or what I've done and know that it's enough.  I just love it.

Last weekend Ruby and I were watercolor painting and I got black paint smeared on one of my pictures and was kind of sad for a minute.  Then I told myself, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." and I felt better.  :)  A couple nights later Ruby was working on valentines for her friends and they weren't coming out as she had planned.  She was so frustrated and ready to throw them all away.  I brought her over to my pictures, which she had really liked, and showed her the black paint and told her what I've learned about things being not being "perfect."  I think she understood what I was saying because she figured out how to make her stuff "work" even though it wasn't what she originally wanted.

See the paint down by the word cake?  dang it!  ;)

I just talked to James about "Oh, well" last night so it was on my mind this morning and I wanted to write it down.  I also love how both of these things tie together with our faith.  Some times are definitely harder to say "Oh, well!" about and then it's a big red flag that I need to spend some time in prayer about something.  I think in general God wants me to have a grateful heart and from that can come a genuine appreciation for life.   

Okay, before I go off on a big tangent I will stop.  I also want to add the disclaimer that I do not always have a super attitude and love everything.  But I do have these two little things stored in my mind and heart that I've found to be really helpful.  I hope I can pass them on to my kids. 


Monday, February 03, 2014

february goals

Hello dear ones,

Happy Monday!  Today I installed two towel bars in our bathroom and am feeling pretty dang good about it.  I had to use the dremel tool to cut metal!  :)  Good times today.  I called Patrick and was all, "BOO-OOM!" like Ruby says. 

Our weekend was super busy and filled with children, cabinetry and shoveling.  All the cabinets have their first coat of paint (they will need one more) and I started filling in holes in our drywall yesterday.  I am going to do another coat (Patrick calls it taping which thrills me as it sounds so professional ;) ) today and hopefully start taping for painting on Wednesday.  Full Speed Ahead!

I wanted to post my February daily goals so I am accountable for them.  They are:
1)  exercise daily (no time requirements as that 7 minute workout is enough some days)
2)  drink at least 8 glasses water
3)  time reading bible
4)  floss
5)  wash face
6)  eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies
7)  2 new ebay listings
8)  track my food

As I get closer to my pre-Christmas weight I am kind of scared.  When I reached that number last spring or summer it was a BIG deal for me.  I've never talked about this here because it's kind of hard to say out loud.  It's the number where, according to my BMI, I was no longer obese.  Obese is such a hard word to hear and I heard it for a lot of years, friends.  I know BMI isn't the be-all, end-all to fitness but it still hurts to hear it.  So anyways.  I passed that number (yay! I was  merely overweight!!) I stayed there for the last 6 months or so (except for Christmas) but have never gotten more than a pound below it for more than a couple days.  I think it's a mental thing.  I am hoping with my new daily goals in place that I'll be able to pass it and keep going.  I hope, I hope.

So that was a lot for me and I feel like deleting it but I will leave it.  Maybe that will be an incentive, too?  :)

Last night my big kids did the 7 minute workout with me.  It was pretty cute.  Those kids were killing it on the push ups!!  Also, I hate wall sits.

Thanks for your comments on my last post.  :)  I want to revisit the target poo post some day.  It needs some updating but I'm not sure I want to go there.  :)  heehee.

Gots to go.  Kids home from school and there is a wall return vent that needs changing. 



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