Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a tale of two blessings

Oh, I am SUCH a liar! 

((Liars go to hell!!-----YEARS ago Patrick and I were watching COPS or some such show and a man got pulled over and yelled that at the officer.  hahaha,  I think of it almost anytime I use the word liar.  Liars go to hell!!  hahahahha)


I should never EVER say I'll "be back later" because that is pretty much the kiss of death.  I am lucky I am back here at all after that.  geez.

How are you?  I am good.  Even though the skies are GRAY, I am good.

I have a story for you.

So, Ruby wanted dwarf hamsters for her birthday.  Looking on Amazon, the larger cages were pretty expensive and I was feeling like we had spent a lot of money lately so I was a little bummed.  We had heard that two dwarves can usually/sometimes live together if they were raised together and so we wanted two so they wouldn't be lonely.  But that meant we needed a big cage.  I scoured Amazon one night and had a couple in my cart to decide on, priced between $80 and $130, which seemed like a lot. 

The next day I was out doing errands and thought that even though I didn't really feel like it, I would just run in goodwill and see if they had anything.  Sitting in the furniture area were not one but TWO Hamster cages!  One was actually a reptile cage that retails for $150.00, 30 gallon, so it was plenty big for two dwarf hamsters.  It was $13.99.  The other was a smaller hamster cage, the kind that go for around $40, and it was $4.99.  It was kind of hilarious, like God Himself all but handed them to me.  :)  I was soooooo thankful and kind of shocked but then again, not really.  I have seen and time and time again how God gives me just what I need through the thrift stores.  That might sound stupid but it has happened too many times to be a coincidence.  (also, no coincidences anyways.)  ;)  For other reasons, I was kind of down that day, too.  It felt like such a big hug from God, I get teary thinking about it.  (He loves us!!)  ANYWAYS.  I got them, both of them, just because it seemed silly not to.

The two girls, Penny & Dorothy, started out happily together in the large cage...we just kept the small one in the garage.  A couple of weeks went by in hamster bliss and then I saw Dorothy (?? we could never really tell them apart) attack Penny one morning!  She was all up in her face, jumping around her, and then attacked!  Penny laid down and played dead...it was crazy to see it all happen.  After a very dramatic few minutes, we got them separated.  The pet store had told us this was a possibility and if it happened they would need to be separated for good.  Okay.  Not a big deal since we have TWO CAGES.  Awesome, much??  :)

 (That creepy-shaped thing in the cage above is a water dish.  I know what it looks like.  I didn't know that when we ordered it.)

Since all of this happened, about two weeks ago, we have renamed them Naughty & Nice.  Naught got the small wire cage and Nice got the hamster palace.  (I know that is judgemental but you had to be there!!)  A week ago, we got to feeling bad for Naughty.  Even though she is in a cage that is supposedly just right for a critter her size, it felt too small.  We now have her in a larger plastic tub and she seems to love it.  (but she is still naughy (aka bites).)  The extra cage is back in the garage and I will probably sell it on ebay.  :)  James now wants a hamster but I think a clear plastic tote is a great cage and that's what we'd do for him. 

This post does not end here.  I have one more crazy blessing story to tell you.

So, last week or the week before my sister and I got to go to the Dig by ourselves.  Right before we went in I said, kind of joking, to keep her eyes open for a rooster costume because Ruby was going to be a rooster in her play in a couple of weeks.  She laughed and said she would.

We were in the store for a while, digging to our hearts content.  She was across from me digging and all of a sudden I saw her eyes get huge.  Like, comically huge.  She said, "THAT LADY JUST FOUND A ROOSTER HEAD!"  My heart stopped.  I turned around and sure enough, a woman was standing there laughing with her friend and holding a rooster costume head.

I could not believe it!!  I hesitated for a split second and then rushed over to her and told her our story.  We were all laughing, my sister still looked shocked, and she gave it to me.

Of course she did.  :) 

Of all the years I've been going to the Dig (14!!!), I don't remember ever seeing a Rooster head before.  :)  God provides.  And He has a fantastic sense of humor.

The ending to the story is that Ruby saw the head and was like, NO WAY.  :)  Last weekend I whipped her up a simple head out of an old tshirt and some stuffed fleece.  (she is just wearing it with a white tee and yellow leggings)  I am sending the official head with her to school though, just in case.

And my God will supply every need* of yours according 
to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  
-Philippians 4:19

*even hamster cages & rooster heads


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good morning! 

This is just a quick pop in to say hi.  I can't believe it's been 11 days since I've written.  WTF have I been doing with myself??  :) 

I will be back later with some pictures and stuff.


Friday, April 11, 2014

sh*t storm

Our house looks like a violent storm just passed through.  A sh*t storm.  I am having a hard time finding the motivation to clean it.  Instead I am pinning summer hiking spots and Door County ideas.  :)  Nick is outside driving his pink Cadillac SUV and soaking up the sunshine.  The big kids have early release today and we are going hiking with some friends. 

All I want to do this summer is be outside.  seriously.  (until it gets too hot.  ha!)  I love being outside, especially in the woods and near water.  I need to seek more of these spots out and experience some new ones.  We love Devil's Lake & Picnic Point but there is so much more out there and I want this to be a summer we explore Wisconsin.  ;)  (have you heard that somewhere before??)

Here are a few pics from our MKE trip:  We went to Discovery World and the Milwaukee Public Museum.  (Thank you to Teresa for telling me about this all those years ago!!)

 gift shop treasures:
 waited 20 minutes for another rainstorm:
 Ruby loved these graphic scenes: 
 James wondered at a world before minecraft:


Monday, April 07, 2014

back to normal

We did it!  We survived Spring Break at home!  :) 

Both James & Ruby said they had a lot of fun last week and I did, too.  This morning it was back to the grind.  I almost felt bad for them.  :)  Summer is just around the corner, though.  I think they'll survive.

The consignment sale is this weekend so I have been busy getting all of my stuff priced and ready.  It is always such a big job and it always feels so good once it's over.  Our lower level is covered in clothes and I can't wait to get them all out of here!!

Thankfully, we had a beautiful weekend!  Hooray!!  The kids played outside so much and that felt SO good.  (for them and us.)  We also had our first fire on the patio Friday night along with some beer and the Badger game.  (deep sigh of relief)  I think spring might really be here?!

Here are a few pics before I get back to work.

James had a friend over one night and they made us breakfast the next morning.  huh.  Kind of liked that!

 Ruby slept by her hamsters, Dorothy and Penny, the first couple of nights:
 They are tiny and cute and really fun to watch.  We've all gotten nipped but they are young and we were told to just keep handling them and they'll get used to us.  Also, we need to remember to wash our hands so we don't smell like snacks!

 Here are the books I read last week.  I really liked all of them except The Divorce Papers.  nothing special about that one, I didn't think.  Fangirl was my favorite and Lost Lake was a close second. 

How was your weeked??  :)


Thursday, April 03, 2014

guess what? it's spring break!

Yup, my kids are home all week. 

Patrick is still swamped at work and the weather has been mostly crap.  We are having a pretty good week, though.  (Thank God.)  Monday was overcast but warm and we had a great hike to Picnic Point.  I needed that and it was a great way to start our week.  Tuesday was sunny but bitterly cold and we went swimming (at an indoor pool) and out to lunch.  (out to lunch = mcdonald's)  :)  Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum with our friends and then had them over for a couple hours to meet the hamsters.  (Ruby got her hamsters last weekend!)  Today we are having a lazy morning (I am on my 4th book of the week...can you say escape mechanism??  :)  I love reading so it's a good way to take care of myself.)  and going out for a while this afternoon.  Tomorrow we are going to Milwaukee!  Whew!  I have also confirmed a Door County rental for August and started nailing down dates for a camping trip with our friends. 

I have to be honest.  Seeing all the Spring Break trips start popping up on my facebook feed was hard.  I have been struggling with the weather for this past month (with lots of the country, I know) and I just felt JEALOUS.  :(  I stayed away until I was in a better mental place and did what I could to make sure we had a fun week together.  Sleeping in, staying up late, not having homework...it has really been a nice break.  We will have quite a few get-aways this summer so I am focusing on that and it's helping.  I also met Wendy at the track last Sunday for my inaugural run of the season.  A little exercise in the sunshine with a friend helped my mood a lot.  I know spring and warm weather will come.  I know we have everything we need + so much more.  I am so thankful for the ways God takes care of me/us.  I also know that comparison is the thief of joy because I read it on pinterest.  ;)  (it's so true, though!)

Anyways, here are some pictures from Picnic Point.  I love that place.

 This was on our way back.  I had a roll of Rolos in my pocket and used them as incentives the whole way.  :)  Worked like a charm but I wish I had had 3 more.

So tell me, have you had spring break yet?  Did you go somewhere awesome or have to create a little awesome yourself?  :)  



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