Sunday, June 29, 2014

summer journal, days 19 & 20

Friday, day 19:

Certain things just feel like summer to me and meeting Wendy to walk in the morning is one of them.  We met at 6am and walked and talked for an hour.  The perfect way to start my morning.

After summer school and swimming lessons we came home for lunch and then met our friends at the park.  That is another summer favorite...just a park, a blanket and friends.

Patrick surprised us by coming home really early, like 2 hours early, and he and the kids watched the Lego movie (again) while I read my book and took a nap.  He put blankets over all of the windows in our main level and made popcorn for them and everything...pretty cute.

After I got up I mowed the lawn, we ate random things for dinner and went back to bed.

Saturday, day 20:

Patrick surprised me again today by getting up at 7:45.  Who is he??  :)  I went out to finish the lawn and some weeding and when I was done he presented me with an omelet, complete with fried sweet potatoes and fresh mozzarella.  He hates sweet potatoes so that was a true labor of love.  It was huge and I ate the whole thing.  Delicious.  After that I worked on a craft project for Eli's birthday for a while, and one for myself, and then gave Ruby and Nick showers and took them to WalMart.  ugh.  It was actually fine until the last half hour when Ruby started whining.  uggggggh.  I don't get to WalMart very often but they do sell some underwear that I love.  Sadly, they were out of my favorite spray paint!!!  Like, not even a tag for it on the shelf!!  I chose another color but was so sad.  Luckily, I think I found some at a nearby hardware store.  I will be calling them today.  :)  The color is Hosta Leaf Green by Krylon:

I love this color.  It is a shiny, deep olive.  LOVE. 

I didn't take pics of my projects but I made something like this for Eli and something like this for myself.  I bought the necklace pieces on etsy months ago (from this seller) and have been paralyzed with indecision as to what to put in mine.  (one is for my seester)  Today I finally decided to put a circle of Duluth in there and I really like it.  Simple.  Done. 

I love maps and summer always makes me want to make something with them. I might not have it out of my system just yet.

I got this book from the library and LOVED it.  It has inspired me to change up some stuff in our home that has grown stale to me.  A great book, I highly recommend it.

After WalMart we came home, collected James and Patrick and headed to New Glarus State Park to meet my sister and her family and our mom to celebrate Eli!  He is the cutest little thing.  He is talking more and more but it's like everything that comes out of his mouth surprises me and is hilarious.  Love him.  A while after we got there a rainstorm came upon us and we decided to wait it out under the shelter.  The kids ran around like crazy in the rain and it was so cute.  Ruby had been testing me at WalMart and it felt like James was at the park so I felt kind of worn out from it all.  We went back to their house for dinner (delicious tacos & margaritas) and it was really fun but not very relaxing.  My kids just felt crazy.  One of those nights.  :)  We came home and put the boys to bed, Ruby stayed overnight at Grandma's.

"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"...applies to so many things about my life.


Friday, June 27, 2014

summer journal, day 18

I forgot to write about something that happened last Sunday morning.  I was mowing the lawn and came around the sandbox and spotted this vintage watering can we have, the kind with the very long & thin spout, lying in the grass.  I didn't want to shut the mower off, so I was going to grab it as I cruised up along side it.  I forgot about that damn spout!  It was totally hiding (it was green) in the long grass and as I came up to the can, the spout got caught in the blade and all hell broke loose.  Well, I yelped, cut the mower and stood there blinking for a minute, double checking that I was still alive.  There was green plastic everywhere and more alarming, smoke coming out of the vent on the side of the mower.  Patrick had just left with James to bring his friend home and Ruby and Nick were inside.  (no witnesses.)  I collected the shrapnel and tried to start the mower, just for fun.  No luck.  CRAP.  I pulled it around to the garage and went inside for a muffin, planning what I would say to Patrick.  He still wasn't home by the time I finished my muffin so I went back out to take a look and said a prayer.  The mower started!  No permanent damage!!  My neighbor just came over to borrow it, that's what reminded me.  :) 

So, yesterday.  A good day.  Nick jumped off the diving board for the first time (with a life jacket on and into the arms of a very sweet instructor) and my big kids thanked me for their ride to school. 

It was date day/night and when Emma came at 1:00 I just wasn't up to shopping or anything.  I brought a couple books and a blanket and found a spot at a quiet park under a tree.  Oh, I stopped and got some fro yo first!!  Priorities.  It was so peaceful and I totally just relaxed and enjoyed it so much.  After about an hour I left and did go to Goodwill but I just wasn't feeling it.  I picked up some dinner for Patrick and I and headed to the park where I was to meet him and laid there on a blanket and read some more.  I needed that.

Once he arrived, we ate our dinner and then went paddleboarding!  It was so fun!!  I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it but I totally could.  It's not that hard, just getting up the first time felt tricky.  After I was up I thought that I would stay up the whole time but quickly learned how tiring it gets.  It's nice to sit down for a break or even paddle on your knees for a bit.  After a while, Patrick wanted me to get in the lake with him but I was afraid of having to heave myself back on the board, too.  But I totally did it and the water was wonderful and getting up the second time was so much easier, already.  After that I got a little cocky and was rocking the board back and forth and even jumped up and landed without falling.  (Patrick had been doing these things.  show off.  ;)  )

side note:  I made the mistake (?) of telling Patrick I want to hike some of the Pacific Crest Trail someday so now when I am afraid to do anything and then do it, he tells me I am one step closer.  :)  Also, last weekend on our bike ride, Patrick offered to switch bikes with me to give my legs a break.  His bike is so high with a bar that is dangerously close to my vagina.  I was scared to do it but he told me to pretend we were on the Amazing Race.  haha!!  I did it but didn't like it.  (although his bike is so much easier.  it's not even like riding a bike!!! not really, but it is so different than my cruiser.)  I appreciate his creative encouragement.  I also don't want to not try things because I am scared.  Life is too short. 

After our paddleboarding we changed and walked to get a coffee and then walked back to the lake.  We just laid on a blanket and relaxed.  (I did a lot of laying on blankets yesterday.  awesome.)

I came home feeling happy and recharged and so thankful. 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

summer journal, days 16, 17

day 16:

(holy cow.  can barely remember this day.  lemme think...)
Okay, got it.  Day 16 was our normal morning routine followed by James' afternoon class.  Ruby had some report card money so her, Nick and I hit the mall for the afternoon.  She found some treasures and we got home in time to pick up James at 5:00.

Earlier, James had taken a baseball hat of Patrick's along on his hike.  I told him to be very careful with it because Dad got it in Key West 9.5 years ago, on our first trip with baby James.  I made it sound like it was super important just so he would be careful.  :)  Well, that afternoon James got off the bus with a red, tear stained face.  He had left the hat in the changing room at the state park they had visited.  :(  He was so upset!  I felt awful and assured him that Dad would not be mad but he was not buying it.  He tried calling and then texted Patrick and when he texted back that it was okay, James was so relieved.  

Patrick got home early and I had no dinner ready.  (kids had had frozen pizza, made by James, because they didn't thank me for the lunch I made them.)  He whipped himself up this grilled chicken and avocado sandwich that was so good.  so good.  I had had a slice of pizza so I declined one.  Later that night, about 9:45, I was hungry again and he offered to make me one.  At first I was like, "No, that's okay..." and then I came to my senses and said YES, PLEASE.  Delicious.  It was just leftover grilled chicken, thinly sliced, on bread with a little mayo and some avocado.  Then he grilled it like a grilled cheese.  so good.

day 17:

Today we went to Devil's Lake with my sister and her family.  It was a wonderful day and we didn't get home until 8:30 at night, happy and exhausted. 

Soon after we arrived, the sky darkened.  It was kind of chilly and windy and we were a little bummed.  The kids got in the lake right away but their teeth were chattering and they were cold when they got out.  A while later, it started to sprinkle and a woman came and told us that a bad storm was rolling in.  We packed everything up (do you know what I mean by everything?  It takes SO MUCH stuff for a day at the beach with kids.  :) ) and headed to our vehicles to hopefully wait it out.  Annie and I went into the lodge to get coffee (and look at tshirts, natch) and by the time we came out the sun was shining.  It stayed a little cloudy for about another 20 minutes and then the sun came out for good and we had an amazing day.  The storm totally missed us.  I was so thankful.

The kids swam and swam and swam and played and ate and swam some more.  We both had small inflatable boats with and they had so much fun with them.  I really wish Patrick could have been there.  I do have some pics that I will post soon.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

all the photos (I'm not kidding)

James kayaking at Brat Fest (the only part of that visit any of us enjoyed):
zip line at our friend's house:
summer night:
Nick is 5th from the right, first day of swim lessons:
my homemade crust turned out really good!!  So glad my Dad made me try it.  :)
This summer is tiring Nick out.
He sleeps a lot.
pretty much anywhere.
haircut day:
at the park:
way back in may for ruby's birthday:

last day of school ice cream party:
the tables were filled with ice creams and different toppings:
James' first day making lunch:
Annie's backyard:
Ruby and I on the way to breakfast on Father's day:
nice.  thanks ruby.
okay, that's better.  :)
at the zoo:

baseball game:

Nick's first day of summer 4K (he has the crooked hat on):
Ruby and James trying to fix a bowl that Nick broke with packing tape:
mixing up the bubble solution:


summer journal, days 14, 15

As I begin writing, I'm not sure how much I want to share about Sunday afternoon. 

Let's just say I got VERY mad at two of my kids in quick succession and I ended up storming away from all of them at the pool playground (Patrick was there with us) and walked home.  In my swimsuit.  muttering curse words under my breath.

oh dear!!  I would like to add that I had a skirt on over my suit or I never would have done that.  :)  Even furious, I had some wits about me.

After my hot, fast paced (I can laugh now but I was SO MAD) walk home, I went and got groceries for a few hours.  Patrick sent the two offenders to their rooms as soon as they arrived home (shortly after me) and I didn't see them again until that evening.  I had cooled off by then and Patrick and I discussed some new rules/ideas to get us back on track.

It was one bad day but the stuff the two of them did felt so disrespectful and that feels so wrong to me.  I'm praying every day for strength, grace, forgiveness, love, self's so hard sometimes!! 

I also realized that I need a bit more time to myself, day to day.  As much as I am enjoying a lot of our days, it is a lot of work. 

So, anyways.  That was day 14.  yay.

Yesterday went pretty well.  We did the usual morning stuff and then came home for lunch and they all played outside for a while.  Once the fighting with the neighbors began, I whisked them all away to the dig for a while.  We had planned on going somewhere else but realized that Nick had forgotten his shoes so we just went home.  Once we came home it was time to make dinner and we played some catch in the yard.  (my kids love to play catch.  that seemed kind of strange to me until I realize that it's something I enjoy, too.  what is it about catch??)  A while later they got the idea to make giant bubbles and Patrick got home just in time to help James bend the wire hanger.  The normal bubble solution was too thin so we added some Dawn and got some huge bubbles.  It was really cool.  We had the solution in a frying pan.  I highly suggest trying it.  :)

After dinner I laid down to read and fell asleep.  I woke up a while later but Patrick had closed our bedroom door and got the kids to bed without me.  In my head earlier, I had thought that I would like him to do that so it felt like a treat that he did it without me having to ask. 

I want to add something that happened this morning (Tuesday) so I don't forget it.  After we dropped J&R off at school Nick asked if we could "stop off" at the pool.  He had to give somebody "sumpin."  I looked back and he had a tiny silver box with a rock in it and he wanted to drop it off for his teacher.  SO SWEET.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

summer journal, days 11,12,13

((James had a friend sleep over last night and I postponing muffin making.))

day 10:  Last Thursday was a very good day.  Our morning was the usual routine and in the afternoon we met Wendy and her kids at a park.  We just talked while they played (James read) and it was really nice.  On the way home we got ice cream and Ruby got it all over her face, which she usually does, but even worse than normal this time.  It was chocolate and James said it looked like she had a snout.  haha!  It did.  :)

We got home and picked up, I put a meatloaf in the oven, and we prepared for Patrick's arrival.  He texted me at one point that he had been delayed for hours and missed his connection in Chicago.  :(  He texted me a while later that his connection had been delayed as well so he got on it!!  Yay!  He got home a couple of hours late but he was home and we were all happy.

day 11:  Usual morning routine.  My mom came to watch the kids swim and then came over for lunch.  I had put our bike rack on the van that morning so while she was here I got our bikes on and tested it out.  Nothing fell off but I was still nervous to take it on the highway later on.  Today was date night!  After Emma came I went to the library and worked for a while, then went and got Patrick's glasses, went to a goodwill, picked up dinner and then met Patrick.  We went for a bike ride (they didn't fall off!!) on some paved trails in Fitchburg and it was awesome.  After that we saw the XMen movie and I was pleasantly surprised.  There is a scene with Quicksilver that is HILARIOUS.  Perfect.  Loved it.  A very good night, all around.

**side note.  My bike is dang heavy.  Between 40-50 pounds, I would guess.  It is not easy getting that thing up onto the bike rack.  Or down from it, for that matter.  I can do it, though.  Also, it is hard to pedal it up big hills but I keep trying.  Patrick just whizzes up then with his 300 (or something) speed bike (I have 7) and I was huffing and puffing.  Right near the top, when I was going to get off and walk, he came up behind me and gave me a big push.  It was the best thing ever.  :) 

day 12:  Saturday!  I started getting the basement back in order and worked down there for quite a while.  I have a lot of collectibles I plan on getting rid of and I also had a big mess to put away from the seasonal clothing switch.  oof.  After that we had lunch (Patrick's burgers. delicious.) and I went and got Ruby's friend for her.  At 4:00 James went fishing with his friend and I brought Ruby and her friend to her friend's house.  Patrick, Nicky and I went on a long bike ride and I thought I would die.  :)  We rode on an unpaved trail and while beautiful, it's a lot harder than paved.  Plus, adding Nick's 40 pounds to the back of my already heavy bike is a challenge.  Great leg workout!  We came home, ate, and I went to get the kids, bringing one extra home for a sleepover.  (ambushed!)  Patrick and I started watching Hotel Grand Budapest but stopped about halfway through.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

summer journal, day 10


Patrick gets home tomorrow night.  I can't wait.  I am tired out.  Yet, here I am, still up.  This bit of quiet is irresistible.

Big thunderstorms this morning so I kept the kids home from summer school and we all just laid around.  It was pretty nice.  After the weather cleared we went for haircuts and lunch and then dropped James off at his friend's house for the afternoon.  Ruby, Nick and I went for a bike ride and my legs felt like lead.  I had a burst of energy at dinner time (how odd) and sent them all outside while I got some of my summer decorating things out.  I didn't have them out at all last year so it was fun to see them.

After dinner (I use the term loosely) they played outside some more and then James came in for a game of checkers.  I poured a glass of wine and was just settling in when the door burst open and Nick came in sobbing...he had gotten stung by something.  Oh, the drama.  It was intense but short lived, thankfully.  As soon as he saw himself in the mirror, he was okay.  (there was just a tiny red dot above his eye.)  *side note: earlier, after he changed, he asked if he could run in the bathroom and see how he looked.  :)  we were leaving but he said he'd go "turbo."  How could I say no to that??

Patrick left at 4am on Monday and will be home tomorrow night around 8pm.  Date night was rescheduled for Friday, thankfully.


edited to add:  Nick also loves wearing his sunglasses and baseball hat lately.  The other day he added one of my hair bands to the mix.  He hung it over his ear and said it was his "buccaneer."  yove him.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

summer journal, day 9

6:07am - wake up, come downstairs, quiet time, start ebay listing
6:30 - James wakes up, asks many questions
7:00 - get R&N up, get in shower
7:45 - leave for summer school, drop J& R off, then Nick
8:07 - home
8:15 - sit down with cup of coffee
8:16 - spill entire cup all over keyboard and self
8:17 - weep (or consider it)
8:30 - brew second cup, steal husband's keyboard, read blogs
9:00 - pick up kitchen, start laundry
9:15 - read book
9:45 - go get Nick, go to grocery store
10:30 - bring groceries in, get Nick's suit on, head to pool
10:50 - meet J&R at pool, help Ruby change (I hold the towel) and apply sunscreen to all 3
11:00 - swim lessons start, collapse on picnic table bench and admire babies nearby (while being thankful they are not mine)
11:30 - swim lessons over, home for lunch
12:20 - bring James to back to school for afternoon class
12:30 - home, collapse on couch
1:00 - load up bikes, Ruby and Nick, head out
1:30 - bike ride at McKee Farms, chain falls off, put chain back on for first time ever
1:32 - pat self on back (mentally)
2:00 - playground stop
2:15 - back to van, J&N put suits on, head over to splash pad
3:00 - finish splashing, head back to van, put clothes on, load bikes, head home
3:20 - stop at culver's
3:45 - home, cut heads off brown peonies, hang wet suits & towels on line, straighten up garage
5:00 - james home, sit down and read magazines for a while
6:00 - pick up house, send kids outside while I cook dinner
7:00 - dinner (tacos)
7:18 - send kids outside
8:00 - send kids to bed
8:15 - ice cream bar & computer time
9:00 - go to bed with only book available to me


Monday, June 16, 2014

summer journal, day 8

Patrick and my dad both left at 4 this morning.  yawn!!  I did fall back to sleep after seeing them off, thankfully.  Nick started his mini 4K summer school session.  SO cute.  He trotted off with the teacher, no problem.  He was pooped afterwards, wanted me to carry him to the car.  :)  With my 90 minutes of kid free time, I laid on my bed and read my book.  After swimming we all came home and I went back to my bedroom (with my book) for another hour while my kids ate pizza rolls (cooked by James) and watched Pokemon.  I needed that.

Then we met some friends at the pool for a couple hours. Loved it!  So hot and beautiful out today.  Then Nicky took a long nap (finally, he must have thought) and we all picked up the house.  Then it was dinner time and then I mowed the lawn.  Now it's time for a shower and BED.  This week feels more relaxed already.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  (I probably shouldn't say that.)

I have been doing nothing but eating (crap) since my birthday.  Back on track today and that felt good.  Lots of watermelon.


summer journal, days 6 and 7

Saturday and Sunday were busy/crazy/funny/fun.  Saturday morning we had breakfast and just hung out until it was time to go to Annie & Ronan's for the bbq.  We had such a nice time there.  It was gorgeous out and her yard looked soooooooo cute.  I loved it all.  The food was delicious and all the kids had fun.  Also, Dad couldn't figure out how you'd get a whole chicken in a beer can to cook beer can chicken.  HAHAHAHA!  Oh, man.  That cracked me up.  We stayed all day and I was exhausted when we got home.  Patrick blessed me with an hour nap and after I got up it wasn't long before I went back to bed.  :)

Sunday (Sunday Phunday) was kind of funny.  We made it to breakfast and all got a table together at Marigold Kitchen.  (10 of us)  The food was delicious.  After that we walked around Monona Terrace and then I brought James and Patrick home so Patrick could pack for a work trip.  I drove back and met Annie & Co. at the zoo and then we were all going to meet up with Patrick and James at the Mallards game. 

BUT.  My Dad's car was parked behind Patrick's spot in the garage so they couldn't get out to meet us.  OH NOOOOOOOES.  :(  It was so sad but we promised to make it up to James and after I accepted what a bummer it was, I still had fun and so did everyone else.  After that we all came back to our house and Ronan went and got the BBQ leftovers and Andrea whipped us up some dinner.  Then they left and we went to bed.  The end.  Very good weekend.  Love my family.  Sometimes you just have to laugh and pretend everything is good.  And then, somehow, it is.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

summer journal, day five

Today I am (recapping on Saturday but will pretend it's Friday night for ease) tired.  I am done.  Put a fork in me.  Summer is busy.  whew.


Lots of running around this week and lots of kid time.  I need a break.  Oh, wait, I just had one yesterday.  Maybe I need more sleep.  I am trying to cram a lot in in the mornings (quiet time, work, exercise) so I am getting up early and then going to bed late because the kids are, too.  Even after they go to bed I crave a little quiet time so it' adding up to not much sleep.  I'll figure something out...this was the first week, after all.

Aside from my physical state, I feel thankful and good.  I am really loving the extra time with J&R.  Ruby is giving me lots of hugs and told me she missed me while she was at summer school.  James is really into helping in the kitchen and playing checkers, so that has been fun, too.

Grandpa came today so everyone was happy.  He persuaded me to make a pie crust from scratch and I think it turned out.  James helped mix one crust up and I rolled them out.  We will taste them today at my sister's and I am hoping it's okay.  I fell in love with this idea from bon appetit so that's how I did my crust.

Mine didn't get as brown but I think it looks cute.  :)  Love those polka dot holes.  (that is THEIR pic, not mine.)

We also went for a bike ride, grilled hamburgers and had a fire.  It has been beautiful out, if a bit chilly.  (funny how 73 + windy feels chilly)  I love putting on a hoodie at night, though, so no complaints.

James says, "Oh, snap!" all the time and I love it.  Ruby does that thing where she makes a cutting motion with her finger across her throat when she is mad about something.  You'd have to see it but it's kind of cute in an odd, Ruby-like way.  Nick's favorite number is 165.  He often tells me he loves me one hundred sixty five one one two two.


Friday, June 13, 2014

summer journal, day 4

The good news, the best news, was that Nick's fever broke during the night and he was fine in the morning.  Poor kid...he was miserable during it all but thankfully it was fast.  What causes those quick illnesses??  Strange.  He slept pretty good through the night (next to me) and I woke up feeling fairly rested.  (I did have ice cream.)

The kids went to summer school and Nick and I spent the next few hours busy at home.  I had some sales to package & ship and took a shower, we watered the flowers, he helped me vacuum.  He loves to help...he helped make chicken noodle soup the night before.  :)  We met J&R at the pool but I kept Nick out of swimming for the day.  Date night was ON and I didn't want to wear him out and cause his illness to return.  :) 

After swimming we came home for lunch and got James ready for his T/Th class...Park Science.  Twice a week these kids get on a bus and spend the afternoon at one of the many amazing State & County parks around us, hiking and swimming.  I love that he signed up for this.  (I would like to take this class.)

After I got back from dropping him off, I collapsed on my bed for 10 minutes and then Emma came.  It's good to have her back, the kids love her and she really is so sweet. 

Then it was SWEET FREEDOM time.  Exhale.  I did some errands and went for a walk.  I went thrifting and found good stuff to sell and for us.  Patrick and I used our first date night to take care of some business...he needed an eye exam.  This is something he's needed (new glasses) for literally YEARS and is not something he would ever do on his own.  (his scrip is fine, just his glasses were beat up)  I helped him out and scheduled it for him and met him there.  He picked SUPER cute glasses & sunglasses that we both like.  I didn't pressure him (obvs) but he knows I love the thicker black nerdy glasses (SEXY).  He prefers wire frames.  ha!  The ones he chose are an excellent cross between the two.  I was so happy.  :)  After that we were starving and went to a new pub and had excellent burgers and beer.  It was a good day, a good night, and a wonderful start to date night.  We have big plans for us this summer!  (well, bike rides and kayaking.  big to us!)


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

summer journal, day 3

I skipped my bike ride this morning, choosing instead to snuggle with Nick until 7:00.  Today was the first day of summer school and James & Ruby both chose 3 classes, starting at 8am.  I got them to school, came home and ran around like a crazy woman for a couple hours, doing all sorts of crap around here.  Then we met them at the pool, all 3 had lessons, and we came home for lunch.  It was Ruby's day for lunch duty but she was being stubborn so I made her go to her room and I made the damn ham sandwiches myself.  :)  Afterwards I finished mowing the lawn, got super frustrated with James which resulted in him having to go to his room for 2 hours (he fell asleep, thank God), and played hide and seek.  I also did what felt like 1,000,000 other things.  We rode our bikes to the library and then Nick and I went on for a while longer by ourselves.  Ruby is kicking ass on the summer reading goals.  Nick then fell asleep and woke up whining and crying for me.  He went on and on and finally I felt his  :(  He got sick a while later and was puking for most of the night.  I had wanted to go to water aerobics but decided not to.  I'm glad because he would have been puking with a babysitter or at my sister's house.  :)  poor kid.  All he wanted me to do after his nap was cuddle him.  I am exhausted, wiped out, tired and kind of sad for no real reason.  I also want some ice cream. 


Tomorrow is supposed to be our first summer date night.  heavy sigh.  Maybe we will still get to go?  If not, we will live.  And go to bed very early.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

summer journal, day 2

Today was a good day.  Birthdays are usually good ones.  :)  I started the day with another bike ride (love) came home to coffee, a sweet card (I adore my husband's handwriting) and a busy morning of ebay & house stuff.  Then swim lessons. (Nick went and did really well...J&R are doing good, too...felt bad for them because it was so chilly today, though.)   Then we came home, had lunch (more pizzadillas) and I read for a little bit.  My mom and sister came over (with cake and presents!) and we hung out for a while before leaving to go to a park or something.  We got an iced coffee and the "or something" turned into the dig (!!) and I was so happy to be there.  :)  I found lots of cute clothes for myself (happy birthday to me!) all for around $5.  For Sarah, who will like to hear this, I got:  one white cotton nightgown, one vintage looking robe, 3 skirts (sonoma, merona & horny toad), 1 banana republic tank, 1 old navy pale yellow super thin hoodie shirt thing, 1 cute jacket from Kohls (lightweight), and a REI black hoodie sweater.   I also found a lot of good stuff to sell.  After that we were going to meet Wendy for music in the park but it was raining (boo) so they just came to our house and we had grilled hot dogs and had beer.  And then cake.  Now we are watching Rio and I am just about ready to call it a night.  But Patrick said he still has some presents for me.  ??  Cheers to my 43rd year!!


Monday, June 09, 2014

summer journal, day one

I prayed for patience for today and God answered me.  First day of vacation and it was such a good one.  highlights:  I started the day with a bike ride at 6am.  All 3 kids in swimming lessons...they all looked so happy to be in the pool but Nick got water in his nose and claims he's never going back.  We'll see but I'm okay if he doesn't as he is kind of young for these lessons.  James made lunch (chicago style hot dogs) and grilled the buns just like his Dad always does.  James went to his friend's house and the other two and I went to the library to sign up for reading program.  After we got home, Ruby read two hours (Garfield books) and we colored mandalas.  Nick played and was exhausted after swimming.  He finally gave in at 5pm and slept until we made him get up at 6:30.  Pulled pork quesadillas for supper.  Patrick called and asked me what I wanted for my birthday (tomorrow) and that was enough right there.  :)  But I said a love letter, a new candle and lots of cake. James just finished mowing the front and half of the back yard and did a really good job...just missed a few strips.  :)  Oh, my dark pink peonies bloomed today. 


I just had this summer journal idea.  Quick and simple.  Hope I keep up with it.  Hope you are well.


Monday, June 02, 2014

it's raining

Good morning, friends and loved ones.  How are you?  I am good.  It is pouring here so I decided that called for another cup of coffee and here we are!  Let's catch up a little.  :)

This is the last week of school!  The kids and I are both excited and I am thankful I don't have the feeling of nervousness that I normally do.  I trust now that summer is a lot of fun along and pretty relaxing along with all of the bickering/complaining/boredom that will inevitably come along with it.  Also good?  Having James & Ruby around takes some of Nick's missle-like focus off of me.  :)  It's so funny how he went from being my tiny little buddy that we do everything together and kiss! kiss! kiss! to PLEASE SHUT UP and JUST STOP TALKING over the course of this year.  :)  hehehehehe!  They do grow up!!

I am also excited for date nights which will resume next week!!  Yay!!!!!  I love regular date nights and feel like they are an important additional expense, especially in the summer.  I would rather have a weekly date night than CABLE TV.  Can you believe that??  It's true.  I still miss cable but it is fading now as the weather has improved.   I really got into House of Cards but stopped watching a bit into season 2 because I think all the scheming and lying and cheating was bringing me down...getting into my head.  That probably sounds dumb but there it is.  Patrick and I also watched Hannibal together and that was HORRIBLE but good, too.  Crazy how you can get past the gore pretty quickly.  (I closed my eyes for a lot of it.)  I could not believe when I found out that show was on primetime TV.  I must be getting old (I am) because I thought it was a cable show, for real.

Ebay has been good!  I love Sundays, it's my busiest selling day, which means I have a lot of work on Monday mornings.  (and here I sit...)

I am still trying to wash my face, floss, drink water, exercise, have quiet time and eat 5 fruits/veggies on MOST days.  Those things are kind of ingrained in me...and I am so happy about that.  I don't have any charts going right now but they are always in the back of my head.  I have gone down a couple pounds but nothing major.  Am okay with that.  SLOW and relatively steady seems to be my way.  :)  Also, beer.

We have been having lots of fun times and I wish I was better at documenting them.  A couple personal highlights:  Andrea and I went to Milwaukee to work out with Dawn Estelle and almost died.  ;)  It was really fun and then we shopped the rest of the day, also really fun.  Patrick and I went camping by ourselves for a night on Memorial Day awesome.  We folded our seats down and threw a futon mattress right in the back of the van.  We kept it simple and it was very relaxing.  We've been having lots of fires.  Our yard looks so pretty this year.  Our neighbor got a trampoline (nervous!).  Family bike rides (4/5 of us enjoyed this...need to figure out what will work best with Nick this year).  Summer is off to a good start.  Thankful.

It is like a hurricane outside.  I better go start shipping because Wild Kratts is on and it only lasts 26 minutes.  Thank God for PBS.



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