2 hour delay

I was really hoping for a snow day today.  We had one yesterday, due to cold rather than snow, but today all we got was a lousy 2 hour delay.  bah.  I had such big plans for us!!

I was super lazy yesterday until I finally took a short nap and then I felt a bit more like myself.  And when I say short, I mean short.  I think the "power nap effect" that you hear about worked because I probably didn't get more than 15 minutes.  Nick kept coming in and asking if it was time to wake me up yet.  HAHAHA, Nick.

Such sad news everywhere yesterday and this morning.  :(

Our kids are all on the couch playing Minecraft together.  The family that crafts together, stays together.  I think I heard that? 

Patrick keeps saying he wishes he was still on vacation,  Me, too.  That was a good run. 

Today is Nick's morning at day care but he isn't going until 10 when the big kids go.  I am trying to decide if I should just stay home and list on ebay or go and get groceries and then come home and list.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder again so we might all be home tomorrow and then I will be glad that I got out a little today.  Sometimes just driving away helps my mindset, you know?  But, dang, it is cold out. 

We might get snow later so I didn't go to the gym this morning.  Does that make sense???  Yes, because shoveling is a good calorie burn.  I love it, actually.  (BUT.  Just like mowing, I will still get sick of it if I still have to do it past the normally allotted months.  Just putting that out there.  :) )

Sybil made a wish list a while ago and mentioned Buffs.  This was like a lightbulb moment for me as 1.  I love Survivor and they wear Buffs on Survivor 2. I am kind of a geek and I wanted something like the survivor people and 3.  It seemed like a more versatile balaclava.  (okay, when I look at them it's not really like a balaclava but that's what I thought of.)  I could wear it year round, practically!  So I bought one.  (I hope you got one, Sybil!)  I really like it.  Because of who I am (bargain hunter) I got one on Sierra Trading Post for about $10.  It is kind of ugly but I've found that I really like it for both walking/jogging in these cold temps (okay, not this cold.  not -23 cold but maybe 5 cold) and it's really nice for shoveling.  (yes, at -23 cold)  I put it over my nose and mouth and it's very helpful.  I want a cute one, now.  :)

Have you ever bought something you saw on a blog??  The power of suggestion is strong.

I fully realize that this has been totally disjointed.  Welcome to my world.



  1. So cool! Post a picture! I didn't get one under the tree, but I did buy one with xmas money from Grandma :) I ended up buying the Terrain pattern in the original buff style.
    And yes, I have totally bought things I have read about on blogs! Can't remember exactly what, but there has been something!


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