dang it

I wanted to post on Jan. 2 so it would have been one month since my last post but I forgot I had that idea.  ha!  The dangers of getting old.

Speaking of getting old.  The other day I said the word "telephone" and James and Ruby were both like, "WHAAAAAT is a telephone???"  hahaha.  They knew of course but wondered who says telephone?  (This morning they also asked me, "Who wears a scarf?") (kids these days.)

The month of December was so busy.  I'm sure it was for you, too, especially if you are a m-o-m.  Yikes, that's a lot of work.  I marked my calendar for next November so I start earlier next year...I prefer that. 

We had my mom and sister and her family over on Christmas Eve and that was really fun.  The kids liked their gifts, I ate a metric ton of cookies, it was all good.  On Christmas day we did NOTHING.  It was glorious.  And then for the next 11 days we didn't do a whole lot, either.  We'd get out when we had to (ie: going crazy) but it was very low key.  Patrick and I went for a hike and out to lunch one day (thanks Mom), we went to a friends house on NYE, celebrated my seester's birthday on NY Day and then had a cousin reunion in Eau Claire on the 2nd.  That was awesome.  We have so much fun together...I love my family.  And now, in a couple weeks, we are going to Duluth for a long weekend to celebrate with our Dad and brother.  Can't wait for that!!!

I am home with Nick this morning and am starting puppy training with him in the sense that he needs to learn to not talk to me ALL THE TIMES.  He likes narrating his play (fine) but also seeks my input far too often.  This has to stop!!  :)  So far, so good.  It's been 10 minutes.

I had a work day yesterday and that was fun!  It had been a while.  I hope to get into a more regular work schedule again this month.  I've missed it.

Patrick was home the whole break with us and I loved it.  He has had a ton of work these last few months and it was so good to see him slowly relax and get some of his playfulness back.  I've missed that part of him.

Did I tell you we joined our local gym?  We did, in November some time.  I am really glad.  I still do a lot of stuff at home (beginner blogliates this month) and walking outside is my favorite but it's so nice to have options.  I like a couple of the classes and love the bikes & rowing machine.  My main facebook challenge group ended but there is an "unofficial" one now that is still kind of keeping me accountable.  I still really like my fitness pal and would love to be friends if you are on there!  (stephaniekgb)

Hmmmmm.  What else??  We got Jawbones for Christmas and I am learning that 1.  I have a lot of sleep cycles (still researching this...not sure if I should worry or just stop wearing it at night because I usually feel rested) and 2.  It is damn hard to hit 10,000 steps.  I never have!  I have gotten to 8,000 so I could have pushed through but that is a LOT of laps around the living room.  :)

Nick has been playing hot wheels for a long time and not telling me his every move.  Thank you, Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus, I'm so thankful to be here at the start of another year.



  1. Yay! So glad you posted today. I had just looked today on your FB because I was like...is she going to post already or what? LOL

  2. :) Awwww...thanks, Mim. Happy New Year!!


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