Good morning, happy Tuesday, blah blah blah.  :)

How's it going?  Good here.  Nick is still sleeping, it's too gloomy to take pictures for ebay, I don't feel like exercising yet, so I was not sure what to do with myself??  Strange feeling.

I have a slight cold but I am thankful it doesn't seem too bad.  I did a really hard workout with my friend on Sunday so when I felt achy yesterday I wondered if it was from that or if I was getting sick.  Today I am certain it is a cold because, well, I won't gross you out.  Just normal cold stuff.

Last week after a workout someone asked me if I was sore.  I wasn't and I felt like kind of a loser saying so.  Then on Sunday someone else asked me and I wasn't again!  I said something about how I might not be pushing myself enough or need to add more weight or whatever.  But I didn't really feel that way.  I feel like I am working hard when I am doing whatever I am doing so I googled that.  (I seriously love google.  can you remember life before?)  Turns out, not being miserably sore after your workout does NOT mean it wasn't a good one.  It can mean a few different things, of course, but one of them is that the muscles you were working recover quickly because they are used to being worked.  That is not a bad thing and it made sense to me.  After arm day, I WAS sore, could barely lift the toaster :) but I don't work my shoulders that often.  After leg day or the muscle building class on Saturday (a lot of legs and some abs/upper body) I wasn't super sore because I work those muscles a lot already.  I read that the best indicator of a good workout is the results you are seeing and I am seeing those so I will stop doubting myself.  And stop feeling bad about not being sore.  DUMB. 

My kids are good.  James found an app that I love playing with him.  :)  It's called cooking fever, I think, and it's so cute.  We played a lot on Sunday and Patrick got it on his iPad for me.  :)  haha.  I haven't played it on my own yet but it was really fun to play with James.  We have very different ideas about running a business.

Ruby is doing good.  She got an 80 on her last math test, after missing 2 days of math because she was sick, so we were all so happy.  Her teacher said she could just try the test and see how she did and she did so well!  I can see her self confidence with math increasing and I am very proud of her.  In other Ruby news, she has been very sassy and got her tablet taken away for 3 days on Sunday. 

Nick is adorable/painfully talkative.  He is still the best cuddler and cups my face so sweetly.  :)  He's got some eczema this winter that we are trying to keep under control.  Frequent bathing/light hydrocortisone & aveeno eczema seem to be doing ok but not great.  Any tips?

I suppose I will go.  He is up now and I need to feed him.  I promise I will add some photos soon.  xoxoxooxox


  1. gosh, grant has been having a flare too. Turns out he cannot tolerate oatmeal, AT ALL. My best solution is a steroid cream really. And YOU are the one who convinced me to get one when he was little, LOL


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