I am so dumb

Yesterday I agreed to meet my friend to do the beginning fit test for the Insanity workouts this morning.  I was a little nervous about it so when Nick woke me up at 4:20 (by crawling in our bed) I couldn't get back to sleep because I kept thinking about it.  Aaaaaagh!!  I hate that.  What I was thinking about the most was how to tell her I wasn't going to commit to doing the whole program with her.  :)  I am really enjoying the stuff I do now and that I can try something new whenever I want.  I knew I wouldn't want to do Insanity 6x a week for 60 days.  BUT, of course, there was nothing to worry about.  She gets it and we might meet 2x a week to do one or even part of one Insanity workout and then do some weight stuff together.  The fit test was hard but not awful (well, okay, some of it was awful) but it will be fun to do it again in a couple weeks and see if I can do any more reps.

All of that to say I am home working today and so tired.  I want to eat everything, and already had a big, healthy breakfast, so I think a power nap might be in order.

How are you?  Also, my left hamstring hurts a little when I sit for too long.  It has been hurting on and off for months...like, since August.  Hmmmmm.  Any tips?

What else is new? We went bowling last night!  That was fun, the kids loved it.  They want to go every Sunday night now.  It was only a buck a game making it a great deal.  Too bad we spent almost $30 on bar food and beer.  :)

OH!  Guess what I found at the dig last Friday?  A wool BUFF!!  What are the odds?  That is totally a God thing, call me crazy, but I know it is.  :)  I am very grateful.  So, now, here are my two Buffs: 

The top one is the wool one, the bottom is the sale one that I don't love the look of but love it otherwise.  Now I will feel confident buying another prettier one sometime. 

 It is warmer this week so hopefully I will get out there and get a chance to try my wool one out.  Devil's Lake has been on my mind.  I really want to do a winter hike up there so I need to plan that.

Speaking of Devil's Lake.


Okay, back to life.  :) 

This winter isn't killing me yet.  Now that we have some sunshine and snow I think I will be good for a while.  November & December were so gloomy...it was tough.

I will save my Christmas photos for another day. 



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