leg day!

I went back in the weight room at the gym by myself this morning!!  This was a big deal for me.  Not that big as it didn't keep me up last night.  :)  (do you ever wish you could read with your eyes closed??)

I met Sarah at the gym the other day and we figured out what weight we should be starting out with for some upper/lower body lifting.  We ended up doing upper body that day so I went back today to do lower.  The weight room usually has men in it, usually playing dirty music.  Today wasn't too bad.  Nobody was using the weights I needed (the 5lb'ers - haha!) so nothing awkward happened. 

What I am wondering about is the Universal weights.  Nobody uses them!!  What does everyone have against Universal weights?  I need to google that.

As I type, my arms are aching.  After I did the lower body stuff I did some rowing.  I love the rowing machine, it's my bff.

So, what else is new?  I am back in an ebay groove and feeling good.  I have a big goal this month and I am about half way there and I just saw it is the 15th!  Perfect.  Now I just need to keep going.

Should I tell you another God/dig and save story?  Okay, I will.  So one day, about 2 weeks ago, I found a very nice quality wool sweater.  It had a ram symbol on it but the tags had been cut out.  When I got home I tried to google it but came up with nothing.  I held on to it, though, because I could tell it was an expensive garment.  Last week at the dig I pulled out another nice wool sweater.  I turned it over and there was that same ram!!  And, low and behold, it had a tag!  Woot!  Thank you, Lord.  :)  I listed the first one I found a few days ago and it sold almost immediately for $65.99.  Should have gone higher!  ;)  The brand is Ibex and there stuff is super high quality.  Here is the listing.  I listed the second one I found last night...it is a women's medium.  Hope it sells!!

What else?  Ruby was home for 1.5 days with a fever, she is going back today.  James just stumbled into the living room, mumbling about using his alarm clock properly.  :)  He sleeps in his clean clothes so he doesn't have to get undressed in the morning.  Nick is still fast asleep.  I hate waking him up but I have to today as it's a work day for me.  (Thank God.)  :)

I hope you have a happy Thursday!!  xoxo


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