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I need to document this. 

A few years ago, or maybe even 4 or 5, I read a book about marriage that made SO much sense to me.  I specifically remember taking some of the advice I read to heart and that it worked amazingly well.  I remember writing about it on my blog.  I remember telling people about it. 

Fast forward 3,4,5 years and, you guessed it, I totally forgot what book it was!!  I have been searching through my blog for the last week trying to find the reference.  I have been digging through Amazon books on marriage trying to find it. 

This morning, like 10 minutes ago, I opened up Yahoo and a headline grabbed my attention.  It had the word "breakfast" and an image of a waffle house menu.  Hello, it practically screamed my name.  :)  Here is a screenshot:

It is the gray headline, here is the link

Do you know where this is going?  In the article the woman references THE VERY BOOK I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR.  A book from 2007 in an article published yesterday that popped up on my Yahoo homescreen today, the morning after I had again spent time looking for it.

This is God in my life.  He loves me and totally knows just what is going on with me.  Do you know he loves all of us this same way?  He does.

Do you know those times in your relationship when you feel like you just keep missing the boat?  Not a lot, but just enough that things feel a little off?  Patrick is more stressed than he's ever been these last few months (aside from Christmas break....ahhhhh, what a much needed break that was) and I feel like I need to learn how to help him as best as I can.  This book kept popping into my mind but I just couldn't find it.  :(  I was so bummed. I totally prayed about it. 

I laughed when I saw the title.  I immediately knew this was the book and why it was so perfect for us.  The title is HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT IT  .  Haha!  If you know Patrick, you know why this is perfect.  :)  patrick is not chatty.

I just bought the darn thing.  It's less than $9 on Amazon.  :)


  1. Thank you for the recommendation and the awesome reminder of how our loving Father knows us deeply and intimately. I love hearing these stories. I have two that pop intimate my mind. I'll tell you next time. We are leaving for ivory coast in a week....aaaahhh! Sorry Patrick is so stressed. Not fun�� I love you.


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