On Saturday we went for a hike in Donald Park. It was our first time there and we all loved it. I had heard from a few people how beautiful it was and it did not disappoint. 

1 or 2 of our kids started complaining when I said we were going for a hike, as they usually do, but they all loved it.  The 4 miles got a little long for Nick but he had a few short carries (from Ruby, Patrick and I) and that helped him over the rough patches.

One of the best things about this hike was how James and Ruby started talking about our hikes last summer and BOTH requested we go back to a couple spots!!!!!!!!!!!  That felt like success to me, friends.  :)

Ruby wanted to climb ALL THE TREES.
So Nick wanted to, too, of course.  As he was doing this he said, "Start picturin',mom!"  (I only had my phone.  sniff.)

As we headed down into this amazing stretch James hollered out, "Coniferous forest!!"  Science, FTW.
This bridge over the low & slow stream was a favorite. 
James & Ruby walked together a lot of the way out, way ahead of us.  She was carrying his wet socks & shoes on a stick.
Muddy.  Love. 
I feel a bit crazy with how much I want to be in the woods/outside hiking.  I wish I could be a hiker for my job.  ;)



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