rare Sunday post

Hello, dear ones. How are you? I am good, just here trying not to double space after periods. :)

I woke up crabby.  Or, rather, became crabby as soon as I came downstairs and had 3 little people clamouring for bagels. Back off, children!!  Let me have some coffee. geez.

I am better now. I fed them (even though they can all feed themselves. harumph.) and have had the coffee and paid the billz and now I feel better. Sometimes Sundays have so much to do, it's overwhelming. That's what I get for being a slacker all week, though.

Jay's memorial service was last weekend and it was so good to go home and remember him with our family.  Everything I write about this just sounds wrong and too little somehow so I don't know what else to say.  :( My heart breaks for his family but at the same time I am filled with thankfulness for all of them.

It is suddenly spring in Wisconsin!!  It has been so amazing this last week, it's felt so good.  Thank God for spring!  I was just getting SICK of winter so the timing was kind of perfect this year.  :) 

I spent yesterday going through some summer clothes.  (sorry, I can't stop double spacing after periods.)  Spring break is in a couple of weeks and we are taking the kids on a surprise (to them) road trip, our longest ever.  We are going back to Tybee Island!  Yay!  I can't wait.  Patrick and I loved it there.  I think we were there 14 years ago??  cray.  (sorry, I like to say cray.  keeps me young.) (or makes me look dumb and old? but who cares when you feel young?  ;) )

This has been fun for me to have this secret.  I have lists and piles and have been buying random snacks and supplies.  I know the trip will be long but I hope it brings us even closer as a family.  (snort.)  :) 

In closing, here are some pictures from one of the best times last winter, sledding at Grandpa's house.  Our dad has made these snow slides since we were young.  I know I have pics of previous ones somewhere on this here blog...it's a tradition.  This year it was particularly epic and all of us got involved and had so much fun.  I have more pics on my tablet with James, I will dig those out and add later.



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