more Tybee Island

Before I forget.  Yesterday Nick asked me how to spell, "Don't go in yours room because it is destroyed with toilet paper."  Haha!  He would be an excellent spy.  ;)

On Tuesday, the second day of our trip, it was gorgeous from start to finish.  Ruby came on my morning walk with me and we decided it would be a good day to rent kayaks.  After breakfast James & I headed to a kayak place to get some information.  It turned out the time to kayak to Little Tybee was ASAP due to the tides.  They loaded a couple kayaks onto our van and we headed home to get the others.  (James got a can of mountain dew.  He was thrilled.  :)  )

There was a kayak launch spot right near our house and the trip over to the island only took about 15 minutes.  I think we were going fast because it was a bit nervewracking.  We were right at the mouth of the river where it meets up with the ocean...feels a lot freakier to me than being on a lake.  Patrick was in one with Ruby & Nick and James and I were together.  Ruby didn't like the ride over much and Nick didn't like getting splashed but we all loved the island.  I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any pictures of the large hermit crab we found living in a snail shell, the whelk snail we found that was so big and spewed a bunch of water out of it when we flipped it over.  (I will never forget the look on Ruby's face.)  The big old horseshoe crab shell we found, tons of other shells.  We just walked and walked and walked and looked in tidal pools and then walked some more.  We almost lost a kayak.  We had some snacks.  The kids just played and played in the sand and water and tidal mud.  (yuck!)  It was beautiful and there was only one other family over there felt like we had the place to ourselves.  It was so crazy to me to look over at a crowded beach and be on a mirroring beach with NO ONE else on it just because it takes a little bit of work to get to it.  If we had our own kayaks I would have gone over there every day and explored.  (maybe next time...)  :)

After we returned the kayaks we had dinner and went back to the beach to run around.

Wednesday was another beautiful day and we just hung out all morning until we met Dr. Joe for our beach walk.  Dr. Joe is amazing and we all had a really good time.
Here are Ruby & Nick hunting for sea treasures under the jetty:

 All of these shells, even the tiny ones, had hermit crabs in them:
 James is in the blue LAS VEGAS hat below:  (thanks, Dad!)

 Here James was preparing to help Dr. Joe drag a net over the ocean floor to see what we'd catch (and release, of course):

 Nick just LOVED the hermit crabs:
 Here we cleaned out the net.  Lots of small fish and some gooey blobs that were actually another type of jellyfish:

 and a squid!!  So cool!
 After this we drove to the outskirts of Savannah to get some Krispy Kreme & visit the Bonaventure cemetary.  Patrick & I loved it years ago and thought it would be a good place to walk around.  It had just closed and the kids crashed after their sugar high.  :)

 We went back to Tybee and went on a boat ride to see some Dolphins.  We saw a few, rode some big (to me) waves and I was very happy to get off.  :)

 The next day, Thursday, was even warmer out!  We decided to go to the main beach to set up and have lunch there.  James loves being buried. 
 Ruby and Nick offering James support via refreshments:
 The pier:
 James fell in love with boogie boarding.  Seriously loved it.

 Nick loved the waves, too.  Loved jumping over them.  The water was a bit cold for Ruby but she just had fun playing in the sand, finding hermit crabs and rescuing jelly fish blobs.  :)

 This is Nick holding one of the blobs.  They almost looked clear but actually had a super fine digestive tract you could just barely see.  Kind of amazing.

That is all for today!  xoxoxo


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