Tybee Island

We did it!! Our first major road trip with the kids and it was great!  Nick was my biggest worry regarding the drive time and he was the one to grumble the most but overall he did really well.  I had read online about paying your kids for good behavior in the car so they each earned $1/hour on the way down.  :)  It worked!  They were helpful and (mostly) courteous, we didn't have to listen to fighting, and they ended up with $20 spending money for the week.  The first day on the way home was also good, even without pay, but I thought the last day might be tough so we opened up the offer again so they all made another $10.  James is the only one who spent any.  I think gas station food is his love language.  :)  He bought roller grill hot dogs, gatorade and cans of pop.  He was in heaven.  So cute.

Without further ado, some photos!

We rented a house on the south side of the island, not far from where a river meets up with the ocean.  4 of the mornings I went for solo walks first thing and it was so beautiful.  It was a few blocks down to access the river beach and then I walked along that until it curved and met the ocean.  Right across the river is Little Tybee, an uninhabited island seen below, that we kayaked to one day. 

Lots of dead jellyfish laying around after they tide went out.  These are not poisonous.
Our first afternoon we were scheduled to meet Dr. Joe for a Tybee Beach Ecology walk but it was kind of cold and sprinkly so he said we could reschedule for Wednesday.  (such a great guy!!)  We stayed at the beach anyways and just ran around, etc. 

I was being slightly dramatic here.  I took my hood off a while later.  :)
After lunch we went back to the house and Patrick and I took a nap.  When we woke up it was sunny!  Patrick had an hours worth of work to finish so I took the kids down to river beach and it was beautiful.  (pictured above)  The sand was so soft and white and we were the only ones there.  After we got Patrick and had dinner we tried another beach, seen below.  The kids had SO MUCH FUN feeding gulls.  UGH.  :)  Tybee is awesome in that it has quite a few wooden porch type swings set up along its' beaches.  I don't think I got a photo but it is so nice to sit and swing and watch the water/your crazy kids.

I will stop with pictures here for now.  We got home Sunday evening and Patrick and I had Monday to ourselves.  I did our taxes in the morning and then we went for a bike ride.  It was so nice.  Today it's back to Nick and I, our normal routine.  It's gloomy and I am thankful to be here with nowhere to go and my coffee.



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