tybee, part 3

Thursday night we had our best dinner at AJ's which was steps from our rental. It was delicious! I had a fried flounder po' boy and Patrick had grilled mahi mahi. We both had watermelon margaritas. yuuuuuuuuuum.  James had a burger as big as his face and Ruby & Nick had homemade chicken "strips" that were so plentiful that we all had some for lunch the next day.  :)  It was a great end to our time on Tybee.

Friday morning: I will glaze over getting us out of the house (big kids=naughty) and jump to what came next.  We spent another great day at the beach!  It was even warmer, around 80, and we went back to the North beach which is not as busy as the one by the Pier.  If you walk around the jetty it is even less busy, which we prefer.  I even got in the water!  I was thinking it would be too cold but Patrick was right, it wasn't bad once you got used to it.  After a few hours of playing we left to head for Savannah where we would spend one more night.

I still needed to change so we stopped at a playground right near the beach where there was a restroom with no waiting and some great trees to climb.  (be still my heart.)  James set up at this picnic table and said he wanted to stay all day.  :)  It was shady, there was a breeze...very nice.  He was planning a game for him and Nick to play on the way home.

Patrick called me to come over and when I turned the corner I saw this.  hahahahaha.  He was up so high!
Of course Ruby and Nick wanted to try.  (James was still creating.)

I love this one:

We finally left and headed towards Savannah.  We had our first meal at Chick-fil-A (so good!) and got some more donuts.  (Peanut free, how could we not??)  We parked near Forsyth park and wandered around with a coffee.  There is a beautiful fountain, a couple playgrounds and tons of green space.  It was gorgeous out and we were happy we had stayed for one more night.

Next we walked down by the river.
little rats.
We found a brew pub for dinner and James had fun playing this large game with strangers:

Ruby took these:

I took this.  She was thrilled with her nachos.
Nick and this little boy were making funny faces at each other all night.  :)
And now my kids are almost home.  More soon!  xoxo


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