good morning, dear ones

How in the world are you???  I am good.  I think about this blog, and use it as a reference tool quite a bit, but just haven't made the time to write.  I wonder about next year...when I have a bit more time to myself.  I wonder if I will be inspired to write more again?

Let me dwell on this for a minute.  :)  Next September all 3 of our darling children will be in school full time.  For me this will mean that on most days I will have the hours between 7:45 and 3:15 to myself.  In my mind I am working at home 2 full days, listing and taking pictures, out thrifting one day, out doing errands one day (and having lunch with Patrick), and having one day to get some bigger projects done around the house.  (painting, etc.)  It will be fun to see how it actually works out.  :)

Today was supposed to be a work day but James is home sick so I kept Nick home, too.  We will try again tomorrow.  We are having a reduced summer babysitting schedule this year (date night only, no afternoon hours to myself first) so I have been trying to stockpile inventory to list over the summer without having to go out and buy more during those months.  (with all 3 kids in tow...kill me now.)  I've got about 8 weeks worth which will probably cover more like 10 or 11.  When you add in time out of town I am probably set.  It felt good to get all of that figured out and organized yesterday.  I have about 2 weeks worth (ie: 50 items/25 per week) of tops to list, 1 week of shorts & pants, 1 week of skirts, 1 of dresses, 1 of men's clothing, 1 week of athletic wear, swimsuits & shoes, and 1+ of miscellaneous crap.  :)

A recent score was just this last Sunday.  I found 4 pairs of men's Lululemon shorts.  I think I saw a man on Real Housewives (Orange Cty.) once wearing Lululemon and thought it was kind of strange but I know how expensive their stuff is so I got them.  Men's Lululemon is totally a thing!!  I listed on Monday and 2 pairs sold right away to, you guessed it, California.  :)  I bought for $4.29/pr and sold those 2 for $45.99 each.   I also found a beautiful leather wristlet, totally like new, for $4.99 that sells for $69.  It is this one:

My dilemma here is that I kind of love it but I also kind of love the $50 I could probably get for it.  sigh.

We are spending so much money right now on summer activities that any extra cash is much needed...I think I might have to let it go.  sob.  :)  (but it is so soft and so mappy...)

As always, I am so thankful for my job.

Are you wondering about my kids?  They are doing well.  Growing up.  James is SO big all of a sudden.  So mature.  He is so rational and just "right" a lot of the much like his father.  I say "right" in that if I am being emotional and maybe just a wee bit irrational, he will speak up with this voice of reason (he is 11) and if I can manage to listen to him, what he is saying, often times, makes lots of sense.  Hard to parent that sometimes.  :) He has some really good friends and they do cool stuff together like modify nerf guns and make go-carts.  He goes on bike rides.  He makes muffins all on his own and will start dinner for me.  He is going to play the flute in band next year.  :)  He agreed to go to an overnight camp with church even though his feelings about God are complicated right now.  (Thank you, Lord.)

Ruby is at this point of still being so little and enjoying all her same things that she has for years but also wanting to be accepted by a group of girls that act much older and don't do that "baby" stuff anymore.  Luckily, she is free to be totally herself at home and with her neighborhood friends.  These other girls aren't bad, just maturing slightly faster.  (they have big sisters.)  She does brush her hair all by herself now and usually in front of the mirror.  :)  She wore a bracelet to school yesterday.  However, she still doesn't care what the heck she is wearing as long as she's comfortable.  I love that about her.  She is super funny and also a bit dramatic.

Mornings around here are either really good or totally chaotic.

Nicholas is 5 now.  He still wants to cuddle with me every morning (cheek to cheek, if you will) but all he talks about is tanks and guns and fast cars.  He plays with Ruby's BFF next door almost as much as she does.  (he is 8 and very good with Nick)  He loves to go on bike rides and have a sack lunch along.  :)  He is playing soccer with his cousin Jacob and the two of them are hilarious out there.  His speech is improving (had some speech therapy at school this year) so he is much easier to understand.  He loves to stir up trouble with James and then fake-cry super loud when James gets him back.  He hasn't learned to wipe his own butt yet.  :/

Well, that is a quick glimpse at life right now.  We are all excited for summer and the freedom that comes with it.  I can't wait to spend more time with Wendy again (she is a teacher).  I can't wait to go camping and hang out at Devil's Lake.

Now I need to go make some bbq sauce!  yee haw!



  1. Love hearing about the kids and your awesome finds. I think about you and Annie all the time. Love you!


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