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Hello dear ones,

How are you this fine Wednesday?  I am looking out at gloomy skies and feeling so sad for everyone affected by this crazy weather we've been having. 

I got called out on my header so I did a quick one this morning.  Can't quite get that size right.  ha!  :)  I will work on that.  For the meantime, this is better than those deer. 

I changed my calories in my fitness pal to maintenance mode.  I just need a break from thinking about that for a bit but don't want to totally go rogue, either.  Hopefully this will give me the mental break that I need.  Thank you, Sybil for the workout suggestions!  I have them on my list to look up.  I hope to implement something on June 1st.  No time like the future!  :)  I am struggling this last week, if you can't tell, mainly with my eating.  It's okay...it's life.  I ate TWO hamburgers at my sister's the other night.  I never have eaten two hamburgers in my entire life!!!!  hahaha.  nom nom nom.

What else is new??  Ruby is home with a low fever.  She was sick on Saturday, then fine on Sunday & Monday and then came home from school yesterday with a fever.  Nick has a cough.  I have allergies.  But otherwise we are healthy as freaking horses. 

Don't tell anyone but we are painting our mythical lower level!!!  I hate to have hope (my hope is in the Lord) (I say jokingly but it's true) but I think that room might actually get a ceiling in 2015???!!!!  Call me crazy, I know.  We are painting it brown with some dark brown.  It doesn't quite match the brown carpet or brown couch or brown curtains.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  The curtains can be switched out, I suppose.  It will all look either A) cozy B) depressing or C) like you've entered a giant turd that you are supposed to relax in???  I love us, we are so funny.  (I mentally pat us on the head.)

Ebay update:  It's going well!  I sold all those Lululemon shorts in short order (ha) and made $140 profit on them.  Sa-weet!  I am selling that map wristlet because I got a different purse I love on our shopping day so I could let it go.  Some lady bought it but then changed her mind so it is for sale again.  Hopefully it will go.  I've been having lots of other sales, here are some of them:

So thankful for all of them.  I tried to explain to my children how God blesses me through ebay and I think Ruby kind of got it, Nick, well Nick is 5, and James was skeptical.  :)  Of course he was. 

Speaking of Nick.  He climbed in to cuddle this morning and then said, "Mom, do you just put a pizza in the oven and it cooks?"  I said yes.  Then, "Well, I think I could make a pizza by myself."  hahahahaha. 

I read a fiction book by Max Lucado.  Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe.  I liked it.  It is one of those Christian chick lit type books but one that describes angels and demons at work all around us.  I haven't had those images in my mind for a while and I liked it.  I also read Orchard House and really liked that, too, even though it can be a bit of a downer.  I thought of Sybil a lot as it's set in Seattle. 

Now I should go.  Ruby needs some colored pencils.




  1. Love the header. Thanks! Glad Ruby gets it at least :)


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