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Good morning to you!  How are you so far today?  I am good.  I am drinking a coffee with half the cream I usually use (2T...don't judge, I love cream) + some SF vanilla syrup I don't usually use and it's not half bad.  This means I can have 2 coffees today for only one coffee worth of calories.  :)  Yes, these are the things I think of.  I can feel your jealousy.  ;)

I lost about 10 pounds over the winter, so that feels good.  It took what felt like forever to get away from 174/176.  I was stuck there for sooooooo long.  Now I am sitting at 166 and feel good about that.  My next goal is 164, then 160.  haha!  I aim high!  It is crazy how much I dink around before staying at a weight.  I will go down then up then down then up.  hahahahha.  It's just how I roll.  (that's just how I eat rolls...)  I am not sure how summer will play out but I'd love to be at 160 when school starts.  It would be fun to weigh 150 by my 45th (CHOKE) bday.  That is next June.  holy crap.  old.

My favorite thing is My Fitness Pal.  user name: stephaniekgb  I stick around 1500 calories most days and don't eat back all of my exercise calories.  Some days I go totally off the rails and that is okay, too.  I am not in a race of any sort, I have to remind myself, just wanting to feel better all around.  I went through a vigorous exercising phase in the fall and have settled back into my favorites...walking and biking.  I would still like to have a simple, every day bodyweight routine that I could add in.  Let me know if you have one!

I don't know how much I ever talked about my heart rate.  It seems to get high sometimes when I exercise and it bugs me.  The good thing is that it comes down quickly but STILL.  I have a physical scheduled for the end of the month and I am looking forward to talking with a doctor about this, hoping it will ease my mind OR that she will have me do a stress test or something to see more of what I'm seeing.  In the meantime, I try to keep myself in the mid 130s...a good rate that I can go at for a while.  Mowing the lawn last week had me in the 160s, though.  The grass was high, I was going fast (rain coming) and it is not a self-propelled mower but still.  normal?

I didn't intend to go on and on about my body this morning but there you go.  I guess that's what was on my mind.  :)

Time to get to work!  xoxo


  1. Glad to hear you are getting your heart stuff looked at. Nothing to fool around with! I can give more ideas when I have more time, but two bloggers that aren't ridiculously awful and have great workouts that you can do at home are Pumps and Iron and Your Trainer Paige.

  2. So proud of you! Inspiring. I just met with my doc this am to discuss my weight. Not fun but I got a plan :)


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