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It's been a while!  I (sadly) woke up at 5am on my day off from meeting Wendy at 6.  sigh.  I wish I could sleep in!!!  What does it take?  Maybe drugs would work?  :)

I'll get right to it.  Last Friday was about 100 years ago.  I don't remember much but I did sit on the patio and read for a while.  James kept popping up in the window to chat with me:

 That night James had Matthew stay over and our neighbors had a fire.  The kids played outside until really late and ate a lot of smores.  Patrick showed them Venus...it was so bright.  There were also sparklers. 

On Saturday my darling husband started mounting the hardware for our suspended ceiling in the m.l.l. 

He worked on it most of the afternoon while the kids played.  Ruby and I colored for a long time.  Matthew stayed until 4pm...they had a nice cycle going of Minecraft, Legos, Outside, Repeat.  After I dropped Matthew off I left for a while.  I needed some kid free time and it was very nice.  I went to a couple goodwills and got some groceries.  I found one linen outfit to sell (FLAX) and a really nice pair of high Sorel boots for myself for $6.29.  (yay!) 

(mine don't look quite that good but a little scrub up and they will be just fine.  I like them because they are so tall.)

These Yasso bars we like were on sale at Target so I stocked up.

I also got some Michelob Ultra Cider to try and we LOVE it.  Our favorite drink this summer are the Cayman Jack margaritas (delicious):
but the cider is a delicious alternative when they are all sold out.  (and half the calories, too!)

Related:  Last Monday I had an ICE cold Michelob Ultra beer with our pizza and it was SO good.  Having it that cold made such a difference.  Yum. 

On Sunday we had a quiet morning and then went to the Mallards game that afternoon with Annie and Ronan and the boys. 

It was super hot so we left a bit early and went to a nearby little beach where everyone (except James and I) waded and played in the water.  Then we came home, the kids showered, and Ruby went back out to play with her friend until I dragged her in at 9:30.

Yesterday we had major rain and 75mph winds.  Our neighbor's trampoline blew into the yard next door and was hung up on that deck.  :(  It damaged the other house a bit and was pretty bent up but I see this morning that Chris fixed it.  After the torrential rain stopped I went out to help Rachel get it back in their yard and it was too heavy for the two of us.  Right as Rachel was saying, "If we just had one more person..." our other neighbor Noelle came out of her house.  :)  Her daughter came out too and with the 4 of us we got it over the fence and staked that sucker down.  The kids just played all afternoon while I cleaned up the house and got ready for date night. 

My mom came at 5 and I stopped at one thrift store (golf balls for James and 3 books for Ruby) and then met Patrick at Chipotle.  I inhaled my food...it was so good.  Then we laid on a blanket and watched a show together on his iPad and then went for a bike ride.  It was a really nice, relaxing night. 

Summer, so far, is both exhausting and relaxing. 


Nick things: He calls Patrick & I "bosses."  Sometime in the past I had told him that we were the bosses (bossi?) in our family and now he refers to us as well as other adults as the bosses.  hahaha, cracks me up.  He also still says punch fruit for fruit punch.  "Wiwwy?" for really?  Oh, and Wuby.  (he has made great strides in his speech but still has some mispronunciations.)  (love it.)



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