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I can't believe so many days have passed!  Last week felt very busy and I'm going to try my hardest to make this week a little calmer.

Let's see, last Tuesday.  I mowed the lawn and the kids played outside a lot.  After playing in our pool,

Ruby and Brennan got to go to their friend's house to swim in a real one.  James is re-reading Harry Potter this summer so they watched the first movie over.

On Wednesday I met Wendy to run, we met my sister at Exeter park to play in the river,
 (insert river photo here that will not send from my phone)
Later I met some friends out for a beer and put make up on for the first time in what felt like forever.  Documented with a selfie as it felt momentous.

On Thursday there was a Joyce Meyer devotional that really spoke to me (they usually do, honestly) but I forgot to copy it.  :(  It was basically about accepting others how they are and loving them, not trying to change them.  Think more about how you can change yourself.  Good stuff for marriage and lots of relationships, I think. 

Thursday night James was going to a birthday sleepover and we had a big discussion about him skipping college for kids the next morning.  I first said we paid a lot of money for it (we did) and I felt he should go.  Him missing was like throwing $35 away, we calculated.  He said that was like one ebay sale for me.  I said something like "If I had an ebay sale now THEN you would know it was from God." Then Patrick said he felt it would be okay and I kind of agreed...it was one day.  So I told James he could go.  Then he felt bad about the money and couldn't decide.  So I told him REALLY, no guilt, just go.  And then, AS I LIVE AND BREATHE, my phone cha-chinged and I sold a bra for...34.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I gasped and told James he was not going to believe this.  When I told him he jumped up and said, "I'm going!!!"  :)  It was so cute.  I feel like that was God showing James that he cares about every little part of his life.  That He loves him.  so sweet.

How crazy is it that God shows us love through ebay????????????????  :)  perfect.

So he went to the sleep over and stayed late in the morning and had a great time.  Later I dropped him and the birthday boy off to fish for a while:

Friday afternoon we went over to my friend Carolyn's house to visit and snuggler her new little baby boy.  Another friend and her son came too and their were neighbor kids over and I think the total was 11 kids??  Crazy town.  James, Matthew & Cole played chess for quite a while.  They are 3 peas in a pod.

On Saturday I got up and worked and cleaned and then went to Dig & Save!  Yay!!  It was so fun.  I hadn't been there by myself in almost a month.  happy sigh.  I stayed a long time and then got groceries and went home and napped for an hour.  (old) Then we went to Annie & Ronan's for Eli's birthday!

We stayed until 11:00 (so glad I got that nap) and ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks and had a fire.  It was such a fun night.

On Sunday Patrick had to work, Ruby was at grandma's for most of the day (she had slept over) so the boys and I just hung out.  We played catch, Old Maid, practiced riding a bike (Nick), colored, read, slept a little, James went to a friend's house.  It was a good day.

Now it's Monday again!  I figured out my June totals yesterday and felt really good about it.  I worked 40 hours in June (well, the last 4 weeks) and averaged $32/hour!  Yay!  I will stop talking about that now, in such a specific way, because I feel like I'm bragging.  I hope it doesn't seem that way.  I do feel proud of that, though.  I find it validating.  I don't ever tell people in real life how much I make but it feels like quite a few people don't take what I do seriously.  I consciously work on not downplaying it myself, but it's hard because it sounds so random.  :)  My goal for the fall (it would be amazing!) to keep up that hourly rate but double my working hours to 20/week.  More of that time will be spent shopping and more listing so we will see.  I would love to be making double what I am now...our bank account would love it, too.  :)

Happy new week, my dear ones!!  xoxoxox


  1. My husband keeps telling me I should do what you do :) I think it is incredible how you've found a lucrative way to help provide for your family! Sounds like you are having a great summer :)


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