day 10, i'd do it again

Good morning!

Day 10 was fun but looooooong.  My mom came to watch the kids at 4:45 and I was SO happy to see her!! I practically ran out of the house.

First off, my kids are so funny.  They make me laugh all day.  Even when they are hanging on my ankles.  (literally.)

Yesterday morning we had summer school and swimming lessons.  It stopped raining just in time for swimming.  Yay!  Ruby is a really good swimmer.

After James got home, he & I texted back and forth with Patrick for a while, ending things with this selfie:

James thinks selfies are hilarious.  I love emoticons.  We are quite the pair.

We played catch in the house until that got out of hand and then rode our bikes to the library.

After that we had a snack and Ruby decided to relax with some of the cukes on her eyeballs.  Then she decided to eat them.

Nick does whatever Ruby does.  (drives her bonkers/leaves her smitten)

Date night consisted of pizza and beer and booth snuggling (gag) and a short walk.  Everything was too wet and buggy to really enjoy being outside so we just came home.  It was really nice, though.  We learned that if we want to get a bike ride in, do it BEFORE pizza and beer.

Rachel (my neighbor) gave me a Bucky Book (local coupon book) which is going to be so nice for date nights!

okay, got to get nick up.

Have a good day!


eta, remember:

S:  Nick, I am sucker for a good cuddle.
N:  What does that mean?
S:  (thinking)
N: That you are a big fan of it?
S:  exactly.  :)

Nick saying "punch fruit" instead of fruit punch.


  1. Your stories about Nick Mack me feel a little more okay with Jude growing up. He grabs my head in both hands, kisses my forehead and says, "Mummy, I love you lout!"


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