day 13

Good morning!

Yesterday was a good day, less time in the van!  Hooray!

I met my friend for a walk in the morning and then came home and brought James to school.  Then it was swimming where I laid in the grass and read my book while the kids swam.  :)  (no shame) After we got James at 1:00 we got dirt and then planted some flowers and picked up the patio area.  (lots of berries yesterday!)  Then they all did random things (legos, read, fight) until their beloved electronic hour at 4pm.  Then I made them go outside while I worked a bit and made dinner.  (I may or may not have locked the door at some point.)  I made ribs for the first time in years and they turned out soooooooo good.  yum.  Patrick found his missing laser level that he needed to find to move on to the next step in the m.l.l.*.  Then I worked a bit more and the kids played outside (willingly as the neighbor was home) and then it was bedtime.

One of our favorite moments of the day is when we lay down in our bed and stretch out.  We just look at eachother like, "Oh yes.  This is good."  Especially if we have ice cream bars in our hands.  I love the Yasso greek yogurt ones.  :)

It is painfully boring to type this out but it was a very nice day.  :)  I am SO HAPPY because I finally finished listing the last batch of clothes I had taken pics of for listing.  I have a rule for myself now that I can't list anything "new" until I have listed everything I previously took pictures of.  ugh.  It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get through that last batch.  By the end it's all the crap that I never should have bought in the first is painful.  :)  So, today I get to take new pictures!  Yay!  I think it will be all shirts, I have a TON.  But maybe men's stuff?  I have some money makers in that pile, I think.  (I hope.)

Have a good Friday friends!  I woke Nick up this morning and his first words were, "TODAY we get ice cream."  haha.  They get an ice cream treat after swimming on Fridays and it took forever this week.  :)


*mythical lower level


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