days 11,12

Good morning! 

Let's see.  Day 11 would have been Tuesday.  After being home all day Monday I wanted to get out on Tuesday.  And, bonus, it was gorgeous outside.  After James got done with summer school we drove to the UW for a bike ride.

I have to say that getting all the bikes properly loaded up and then unloaded left me nearly spent.  :)  Contributing to that was the fact that I put the bike rack on upside down the first time.  hahaha! 

The bike ride itself was beautiful, I love that bike path.  It isn't very long, however, and soon we were at the Memorial Union/State Street area which was teeming with people and cars...not the best situation.  After a bit we turned around and rode back.  Everyone enjoyed the ride but next time we are going to try a longer path.  You now have to pay to park at the lot I always have used and when we pulled in to the only open spot (God) the man who was leaving got out of his car and gave me his parking ticket, good for another 2 hours.  He said he had accidentally paid for too much time.  Awwwww.  I told the kids last time I was there the same exact thing happened only I was the one who paid for too long and then gave my ticket away.  A second after telling them the story another man came over and offered me his ticket.  HAHAHAHA.  I think they are running a racket over there in that lot.  It was pretty sweet, though, all the ticket sharing.

 See how happy they all look?

After that we went and got the boys haircuts and then some fro yo.  We came home and I mowed the lawn, shared a drink with Patrick, and then stayed up way too late watching a really dumb movie.   (The Kingsman.  I can't even.)

Yesterday, otherwise known as Day 12, was very special.  I vow to never let this happen again.  Here is what it looked like:

6:00 meet Wendy to run, drive home
8:00 bring Nick to school, drive home
9:40 drop James off, pick Nick up, drive home
10:20 go to swimming lessons, drive home
1:00 pick James up, drive home to drop him off
1:15 drive to pool, stay until 2:15, drive home
3:30 drive to grocery store, drive home
4:30 drive to library, drive home

There were supposed to be 3 more trips in there but my friends & chemicals saved me.  Once by another mom giving Nick a ride home from Brody's (he went there after the pool), once by Wendy picking Ruby up for the sleepover instead of me dropping her off and once by water aerobics getting cancelled due to the chemicals in the pool being off.  (I was bummed but also relieved.)  HOLY COW.  That was sickening.  Even though all of those trips take me less than 2 minutes, it was so annoying.  All of our bikes are still loaded on the van or some of them would have been bike trips instead, which is so much better.  I was too lazy to unload them but I paid the price. :)

My friend texted me to go for a walk with her last night and even though I really wanted to see her, I declined.  I needed my bed more than anything.  :) I was asleep before it was dark out.

Glad that is over!  Moving on.

Ruby isn't taking any summer school classes and I am kind of happy for her.  When we are home, she has so much time on her hands and is doing a pretty good job of filling it.  Her room is filled with tiny cute things and she is spending lots of time in there playing.  She is also doing her Wreck This Book, reading, writing in a journal, playing outside, playing her tablet, watching TV, hanging with me, playing with her brothers, etc.  Hers feels like an old school summer, which is kind of cool.  

James chose to take 2 classes right now: cooking and mosaic & glass etching.  I loved his choices and he is loving the classes.  He is making really good things daily and then eating them.  :)  They've made homemade pasta, muffins, calzones, omelets & french toast, smoothies and coffee cake.  He is done with this summer school on Friday, though, and starts one at the UW next Monday.

Last spring he signed up for College for Kids, which goes for 3 weeks from 8-12:45 every day.  It was a neat opportunity and we were proud of him for getting offered the spot as only 2 (soon to be) 6th graders from our district did.  (bragging, proud)  I really hope he has fun!  It sounded like an awesome experience and he has really cool classes (metal work, sign language, and a space one) but I hope he doesn't feel like he is missing summer.  I just looked and he has 7 full weeks off afterwards.  I'm gonna stop worrying, he will be fine.  :)

I will leave you with Nick & his buddy at the pool yesterday:


p.s.  Sarah, do not be too sad about little Jude getting bigger.  If he is a snuggler now, he will be then, too.  It might even start to feel a little strange.  :)  (but not too much, not yet.)  xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox


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