days 7-9, summer 2015

Good morning!  How the heck are ya?  :)  I am good.  My hair is still wet from my walk/run with Wendy at 6am...2.5 hours ago.  Ponytails take forever to dry, don't they?? 

Last Friday (day 7) also began with a walk in the rain.  We started the Couch to 5K over again.  I'm not sure why??  Because it's a challenge??  ugh.  Anyways.  It's been 2 times in a row and now we'd like to run everyday in the rain.  It is soooooo nice!!!  Here is a selfie:

I am trying to remember what else we did that day.  Oh yeah!  James had his last day of Red Cross training and I took the two younger children to the park, the dig and the grocery store.  They were so boooooooored at dig & save until I gave them my "special" look and they quickly came up with a game to amuse themselves...hiding a ball in my cart full of clothes and having the other one find it.  HAHAHHAHAHHAA. We were not there long at all but I did find some good stuff so I was happy.  I also listed a lot that day and got my painting done.  Yay!  My mom came over for dinner.  It was a good day!

On Saturday I woke up early but by about 10am I didn't feel so well.  I went and laid down and slept for almost 3 hours!  Felt good.  It was a rainy day and Patrick got our room all set up for me with the bottle of emergen-C, dayquil, my book, a glass of water and took all electronics out.  :)  I did feel better when I got up.  I don't remember what we did then.  The kids played outside a lot.  Oh, Patrick took them to the park.  A lazy day.  V. nice.

Sunday was church and then a park and then the Jurassic Park movie.  We all really liked it except Nick who got scared and then thankfully fell asleep.  (shut down...hahahaahaha.)  Then we came home and ended up meeting Wendy at the pool a while later.  The children went to bed early. 

My fingernails are so long I can barely type.  Not sure how this happened but I must take care of it today.  creepy!!

I was behind on my listing goal for last week (25 items/week) but I rallied on Friday & Saturday and got them all done.  Yay!  I am finally keeping track of my hours worked this month after thinking about doing it for about 6.  :)  I have worked 21 hours so far and averaged $30/hour.  That made me so happy!  That was after all costs/ebay fees but before taxes.  Last week I had a couple big sales so my average is up.  If I am even at $20/hr by the end of the month I will feel good.

That being said, it's time to get some work done!  xoxo


  1. You need to teach me your special look. I could have really used it today.


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