sj15, d1-4

Good morning, dear ones. 

School ended last Friday and I decided to try and do my summer journal like last year.  I do have some pictures for this post but haven't got them off of my camera.  (my bad.)  Maybe I will edit them in later.  :)

So I guess last Saturday would have been day 1 of our summer!  I went to Trader Joe's and got coffee with Wendy, Ruby went to Little Amerikka for the day with her friend and the boys stayed home and did boy stuff.  (??)  That afternoon we went for a bike ride and bought a small pool for them to play with on the patio.  We picked our first strawberry from our little patch in the backyard.  I grilled hamburgers.  yum.

On Sunday we went to church and I loved it.  Tim Mackie was back (he left for Portland a couple of years ago) and gave a great sermon that touched on how Heaven will be rejoined with earth someday, which is my greatest hope.  :)  If you want to see a little illustrated video, you can watch it here.  After church we went to a girl scout ceremony for Ruby and then a while later my Dad and Mari got in to town!  I had had an amazing weekend of sales so I stayed home to get some shipping done while Patrick took the kids to Annie & Ronan's for a bbq.  Andrea was working so Ronan did all the prep himself, which I thought was so sweet.  It was a fun night, they have an amazing yard, and we had a fire when Andrea got home, etc etc. 

Monday morning was a trip to the Field Museum.  Talk about traffic.  ugh.  BUT, it ended up being a lot of fun and my kids all had fun, too.  That being said, I have never been so happy to get home in all my life.  We all piled into bed with Patrick when we got home (he stayed home to work) and they all told him about their favorite part of the day.  It was cute.  The next morning Nick mumbled to me how the fire at Jacob's and the museum with Grandpa was so fun.  :) 

Yesterday was the first day of summer school so we did all of that, had swimming lessons and then relaxed.  I mowed the lawn.

I hope this boring letter finds you well.



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