sj15, day 5

I am going to have to come up with some sort of title that flows a little better for my summer journal.  Ideas?

My house is trashed.  I am behind on laundry.  My van is a disaster.  Even the garage is full of piles of crap that actually belong to my brother and sister.  (thanks Dad!) :)  I haven't listed a single thing all week. We have an adorable bunny in our yard that just discovered our strawberry patch.  I am behind on the Bachelorette.  Patrick has a bad cold and his coughing is hurting his back that was already hurting.

BUT.  I am another year older and, dare I say, slightly wiser.  (by God's grace.)  Yesterday was my birthday and it was a good one.  Ruby was waiting by the door when I got home from my morning walk/run (started c25k again...ugh.) with a huge hug and sweet card.  My mom baked me lemon bread and gave me some cold hard cash to spend on myself.  I went to water aerobics and it was as good as I remembered.  I didn't have to cook dinner.  Birthday cake.  I took my 2 youngest kids to the zoo and they wanted to take selfies with me and hold my hand.  Patrick tucked me in at 9pm and slept hard until 5:45.  A good day.

It has been such a good year.  I struggled with some things but I felt God's presence through it all.  If I think over the past year what stands out to me is that God wants me to come to him with everything, big and small.  He cares about all of it and will help me with all of it.  I knew that, of course, but saw it and felt it so clearly over and over all year.  I hope this year is more of the same.  :)  (p.s  He wants the same thing for you.)

One more thing.  I can't remember if I wrote about this or not, so please forgive me if I have.  Patrick and I were driving home one night sometime last winter and got pissy with each other.  It was over something stupid and I was praying because I was so irritated but didn't want to make it worse.  I wouldn't say I heard a voice or anything but the words "LOVE HIM" came into my head so strongly.  It was that simple.  Just love my husband.  The little stuff doesn't really matter, you know?  I am so thankful for that night and try to tell myself that when things are getting hairy.  Just love him.  or her or whoever, I think.  So thankful for that clear reminder.

And now I will add some pictures!  Our first berry, pre-bunny discovery.

 At the Field Museum:
 James was contemplating riding down the front steps:

 Nick really loved the bat wings.  Like, REALLY.

 Down in the guts of the earth.  gross.

 At the zoo yesterday.  There is a new bear area.

 Museum stragglers.

Goals for the day:  fold laundry, watch bachelorette, make dinner, not eat all the cake by myself.  (it's raining...actually just what I needed to catch up a bit.)



  1. Sounds like a perfect Birthday! Thanks for sharing the gift God gave you in the winter. On Easter Sunday I was really struggling and I had broken a stem full of buds off one of my orchids the week before. I was so bummed. I brought it out to water it and discovered under the leaves another stem with 5 buds. I immediately thought "Out of death I will bring life." I know this was not my thought and it also wasn't a voice. I just lost it. God is so good to me and I really don't deserve it. Breaks my heart to be loved like that. That's just such a minute piece of who He is. Love you and praying for more of His grace washing over you this year. xoxo, Cousintine

  2. Thank you, Sybil!

    Oh, Sarah. I love that. It's perfect. He knows exactly what we need. (sigh of relief) Love you!! xoxo


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