summer jamz, day 6

HAHAHAHA.  Just kidding re: the post title.  hahahhahaa.

Day 6 was a snooze fest in a good way.  My goals were:  fold laundry (CHECK), watch bachelorette (CHECK), make dinner (BARELY BUT CHECK), not eat all the cake by myself (GRUDGINGLY BUT CHECK).  Yes!

Ruby and I also baked banana bread, which was fun.  Ruby has never had much interest in baking so I was happy when she said she'd help me.  While James is a fairly precise and conscientious cook, Ruby is more like a tasmanian devil.  hahaha.  She mashed the bananas with gusto and happily dug into the flour jar.  She seemed to laugh the whole time.  It was really cute and the bread turned out yummy!  I hope we can do more baking together this summer.

James is taking the Red Cross babysitting course this week so he has been gone 10-5 (that plus his other 2 classes) the last 2 days.  Today he gets done at 3 and is so glad it will be OVER.  Yesterday he told me they spent hours feeding, burping, bottle feeding and diapering fake babies.  hahahaha.  He isn't planning on hiring himself out, he just wants us to leave him home alone for longer periods.  :)

I also got back to listing yesterday so that feels good!  This is the first week so I am going easy on myself but I do need to find a way to fit that in.

peace out, peeps.


eta:  goals:  list 10 items, put second coat on lower level section


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