Good morning.  How are you?  I am sleepy.  I am always sleepy lately, it seems.  I could always go for a nap.  I think I need to go to bed earlier.  I get up at or (not on purpose) even before 5:00 most mornings without having changed my bed time.  I think it's catching up to me!  My goal this week was to make sure and shower/put on a little make up every day.  Maybe next week it will be to go to bed earlier. :)

Alright, let's see.  Monday was date night!  It was also just a Monday and when I woke James up his first words were, "I'm not going!"  I sweetly said I was leaving to meet Wendy and I'd be home in 45 minutes (right before he leaves.)  I got home and he was up and ready and had eaten.  whew.  :)  He found his class last week a little boring so I was nervous these next two weeks would be a battle but he came home and said he really enjoyed sign language, his class for this week.  I'm so glad.  They had to wear their tees on Monday for a group photo.  I love him in red.

Monday morning Wendy told me her husband googled how to teach a kid to ride a bike and found this method where you take their pedals off and it worked really well.  Monday afternoon I did that and took Nick over to a little grassy, hilly area behind our house to practice.  HERE is the method I used.  That first day he rode the bike up and down the little hills, just balancing himself.  We were over there for about a half and hour and he loved it.  He would coast down one side and then "motor" up the other side and do it again.

Yesterday we went back to the same spot with just one pedal on.  I told him to rest his foot on that pedal and do the same thing he had the day before, just coast.  It took him a couple tries and then he was fine with it and wanted the other pedal on.  I put it on and a couple more tries and he was pedalling.  Boom.  It just felt natural for him to pedal when he was slowing down so he did it.  The slope helps them start, the grass keeps them safe...it's kind of brilliant.  After a few runs of grassy pedalling he wanted to go on the sidewalk.  HE DID IT.  It was just so cool.  He was so happy.  My little Nick.  He rode his bike a lot last night, up and down the sidewalk.  He had one wipe out and after he told me he was "pretendin" he was in a race.  :)  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  Here he is showing his little buddy what he learned:

Okay, back to Monday.  :)  After practicing with Nick, my mom came and I left.  Patrick is working on a big project this week so he had to go back to work but I went and picked him up and we had dinner.  We ate at Dickey's, which is a BBQ chain, but it is pretty new to this area.  It was really good!  I was STUFFED but my dinner was only around 600 calories.  Patrick took a little snooze after and then I dropped him off and headed home in a huge rain storm.  It was a quick night but a really nice one.  

Tuesday was the big bike learning day and we also went for a bike ride to the park (with Nick in the trailer).  It was a really good day, beautiful outside. 

I'm happy because today is Patrick's last day of work for the week.  His break = a break for me, too.   Ahhhhhhh. 

It is Wednesday and I have only listed 2 items so far.  Gah.  We had printer troubles on Monday (turns out the USB was unplugged and we both somehow missed that?) and yesterday there was good light so I took photos.  Hope to get some listing done today.  Have a good one!


eta: exeter park photo just showed up in my email, 2 days later? 


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