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oh geez.  How am I supposed to remember all of that????  :)  I never will but let me try.

Last Wednesday.  I know I met Wendy in the morning to run and noticed the time for one of my miles was 12:01.  Felt good about that.  That afternoon we went for a bike ride to the park and the kids busted up our old smoke detecors.  That kept them occupied for quite a while.  James has BIG plans for some of those parts.  (not the radioactive parts.)

On Thursday Patrick was home!  Yay!  We met my sister at the park that afternoon.  And had a cocktail.

On Friday I ran with Wendy and got 11:33 for one of my miles.  Yay! Then I came home and had breakfast, got ready.  Patrick was home again so I took the opportunity to go to the dig.  I "met" my mom there but we hardly saw each other.  :) 

On Saturday we decided to skip the bbq we were considering and just hang out as a family.  We went on a gruelling bike ride (it was unintentional) and then got ice cream.  After a nap we left for the fireworks in a nearby town.  It was really fun.  Annie & Ronan came and we had a good time.  The kids want to go back to that park, maybe today?  I love this picture of all the kids resting on Patrick.

 On Sunday everyone slept really late so I worked in blissful silence for TWO HOURS.  So nice.  Later I went and did tons of shopping (groceries and such) and then came home and sat on the patio and read a book for an hour.  Lovely evening.

It felt good to catch up on my ebay work as I kind of slacked off last week.  I ended up having a decent week, though, and am ahead of my goals for this week, listings wise.  I am about to go select my next group of clothes to list.  I think it will be dresses.  :)

Monday was a good run first thing and then a lot of crap.  I'm glad it's over.  My eye was twitching yesterday.  It normally only does that at Christmas and tax time.  :)  Today feels better, I hope it is.  Nick is a major PITA these days.  ugh.

I did take a selfie after my run yesterday as I felt so good.  I laughed because hours later I felt as though I had been dragged through the mud.  hahaha.  Also, too bad I can't walk around with my arms raised all the times...look at that collar bone!!  hahaha.

My kids are salivating for their morning minecraft allotment.  I must go.



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