hit a wall, moving on

I hadn't worked in 4 days, exercised in 5.  I have been feeling sensitive and kind of sad. 


James and Ruby were each sick for a day (Monday & Tuesday) but they both seem to be feeling better today.

Hopefully today is back to normal?  Feels like it might be.  I am working now and while I didn't get to run this morning (rain & lightning) I am going to the gym or a bike ride later. FOR SURE.  Oh wait.

I didn't even like the movie Inside Out that much.  HAHA!  I did like talking about it with the kids after, though.  :)  Okay, it was a very cute movie but that's what a mood I was in yesterday.


1. We have made it through 7 weeks of summer!  I only have 3 more weeks after this one, the 4th one we will be in Door County!

2.  Ebay has been fantastic.  Last week was unexpectedly good and I stocked up on shipping supplies (poly mailers, tissue, labels & tape) and bought a new camera.

3.  I love our patio. Sitting on it makes me happy. 

4.  I can't wait to clean out our basement and get all of my inventory organized again.  I am in the mood to get rid of stuff!  Love when that mood strikes.

5.  I am not excited for summer to end, just excited for what comes next.  (solitude. quiet.)  giddy is actually a better word. 

6.  Making a vow to wear my summer faves that I haven't worn yet.  Soon it will be back to gray and black every day.  :)

 Okay, just popped in to say hi and get my head straight.  Today is a new day! I am thankful for it!  :)



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