so much for that!

This summer journal got away from me, didn't it?  dang it!  I had such high hopes for myself.  :)

We are cruising through our summer.  James finished College for Kids and that felt SO good for both of us.  In a way it felt like summer finally started.  happy sigh.  We are finding a good balance of doing fun stuff by ourselves and with friends and just staying home.  James is happy to not have to come along on every errand run and I even left Ruby home with him one afternoon last week.  They did so well (our neighbor was home, just in case) and I was very proud of them. 

Last weekend we went camping with our friends and it was pretty eventful.  It was 90 degrees, my friend's RV blew a tire, her and I got upset with eachother (for about 5 minutes but still!), rainstorm with lightening, Nick got sick and threw up for most of Saturday.  BUT.  We still had fun.  How does that happen?  :)  You take it where you find it, I think.  We ended up loving our new tent.  I thought we'd be jealous of the RV but weren't, at all.  It amazingly didn't feel too hot with the breeze and the swimming, we stayed dry (the lightening had us worried for a few minutes), I was so proud of our kids (I went up alone with them on Friday and they were SO good while I was setting up the tent and James helped me a lot.).  We were so happy to see Patrick after he was done with work.  We all had fun.

This week my sister and mom came over to plan camping, we saw Heidi and her kids again for a little digging and the beach.  We went to Little Amerikka yesterday with Annie & Wendy and all the kids.  We've had a couple fun date nights (Patrick planned the last one...loved that!) and seen a few movies.  Minions, Spy (HAHAHA!), and (blush) Magic Mike.  :)

I'm still plugging away at the couch to 5k.  It's good.  kind of.  :)  It's good that I'm doing it, is what I mean. 

Now I have to go do stuff because we leave for camping again in a couple hours!  Eau Claire this weekend and I get to see one of my favorite friends!  Can't wait!


pics next week.  promise.


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