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Thankfully, Wednesday turned out to be a much better day!  Patrick ended up getting some version of what the kids had so he was home for the day.  Because he was here as "back up" I let James babysit and went school supply shopping by myself.  The quiet time was just what I needed.  I also got all their basics (I will take them with for backpacks, lunch boxes and all of that) in record time and even scored Nick a new to us bike at Goodwill for $9.99 on the way home.  It would have cost more than that to fix his current bike so I was happy and he loves it because it has a kick stand. :)  His latest trick is riding out of the saddle.  He thinks he is pretty cool.  ;)

Thursday was also very good.  I ran that morning and ran two + miles straight for the first time in a couple years.  I also had my fastest mile to date, clocking it at 10:55.  :)  That was fun!  After that I got ready, took the kids to swimming and then met Heidi and her kids at a beach in Madison for the afternoon.  James and Ruby both passed their swim test so they could swim out to this raft and go off the diving board.  They loved that and did it over and over.  Ruby refused to take the test for the longest time so I was thankful when she finally tried and even passed.  It was just over 90 yesterday but we had a spot right in the shade and it was perfect.  Loved yesterday.

I only have 13 more days alone with the kids before school starts.

I am totally counting.

Today I haven't been feeling the best so we shall see what the weekend holds.  Patrick is feeling better so he can take over if I go down. 

Ebay has been ridiculous, in a good way.  I had over $200 in sales just yesterday and today.  Crazy!!  It is awesome.  :)  I am super thankful as we have new brakes to pay for and a trip to Duluth next week.  And those school supplies and clothes and shoes and, and, and.  It can be overwhelming, no?  Anyways, I had a goal to list everything I had for summer and have almost done happy.  After next week I will start listing fall, which might even be a little late.  Summer stuff is still selling, though.  Like us, I bet lots of people have vacations still coming up in August.  As I was typing this my phone cha-chinged.  Someone just bought a $29 tank top.

 Woot!  I wonder if blogger will add emoticons??

I will leave you with some pictures from camping last weekend.

Ruby & Jacob at the campground river:

 James at the top of a small section of falls.  I cropped Patrick out but he was nearby, waiting for him.  James and I got stuck on a rock in fast water just up from where he was in this picture, later on in the day.  We were both kind of scared and thankfully a nice couple helped us get out of the river.  I felt awful about it and so thankful we were okay.  (James got caught in current first and then I did when I grabbed him.) Seeing this photo, later on, made me feel better because I do not think we were in danger of dying.  The water was fast with lots of big rocks but also the distance we would have gone down the river was pretty short.  I think we may have gotten banged up and a little scared but would have survived. 
 Me, right below where James was in the above photo.  There was a sandy spot where you could dig your feet in and let the water wash over you.
 Nick & Jacob:


 Annie & Ronan got this ridiculously awesome raft:  so. much. fun.

 I'm not going to lie.  For a few minutes I thought I had discovered a new species.  Turns out it takes a long time (around 90 days) for a tadpole to become a frog.  This was maybe 7" long so that is going to be one BIG ASS frog.  I stared at it for a long time and once, when I bent closer, it moved and I legit screamed.  HAHAHAHAHHAHA.  Stephanie, Wild River Explorer.



  1. God I wish I had inventory right now! We just $2k into the van, plus school supplies and clothes and shoes. But since the kids have been home I have zero inventory shoppig time. And I hear the tick tock of the garage sale clock winding down...


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