door county, take 2

We returned on Monday evening from our second stay in Door County.  We could not have had nicer weather (after the first rainy evening)...chilly & sunny and then pretty warm & sunny.  Seeing that beautiful blue water in the sunlight is my favorite. (insert heart emoticon) (why no emoticons on blogger?)

We stayed at the Wagon Trail Campground and it was amazing!  (fyi: over use of superlatives to follow) 

On the way up I told the kids that I had forgotten our cots.  OH NO!  We would have to sleep in our tent on the ground, in the rain.  They were so bummed and wondered how I could have done that?  When we got to the campground we surprised them by pulling into our Yurt spot!  Yay!  Best parents ever!  :)  The yurt was really fun and pretty spacious.  We also loved the mini heater because the nights were quite chilly. (photo from their website)  Also the outlets because, Keurig. (The hot cocoa K cups were my other awesome mom moment.)

My favorite things:  the water, the stars, the morning & evening fires, the sunsets, the donuts, wearing hoodies & hats, the rocks, the stars.  (okay, the sky is SO AMAZING.  Being away from city lights is THE BEST.  The big dipper is SO BIG.)

Now I will shut up and give you a bunch of pictures.

These were taken at Cave Point.  From the parking lot, we hiked to the right instead of the left.  It is a bumpy (roots everywhere) dangerous (along the cliffs next to the lake) hike that we loved.  The water was wild due to the wind so we were extra careful with Nick.  On a calm day it wouldn't be quite as scary because the water is pretty shallow in a lot of places so you would probably feel like you could get to your child easily if they toppled in.  

 Now a few from a sunset in Sister Bay.  I was going to go alone but then the kids all jumped into the van 1-2-3 so we went together.  :)

 Now a few from Door Bluff Headlands Park.  This is a natural park.  There are no trails maintained, just a few commonly used paths.  Otherwise you are on your own.  We have only gone straight down an incredibly steep hill to the lake and then hiked along the getting lost that way.
 The above pictures show the rocks and the cedar trees that live on them with so little dirt to root in.  It's crazy.
 Ruby's little display:
 These are out of order.  We visited Pebble Beach for the first time and it was so pretty.  I read the description of the smooth rocks there and thought, "so??" but they really are SO smooth.  It's strange and very cool.  So, Pebble Beach, I apologize.  That is Patrick in the water.  He said it wasn't that bad.  :)
 Nick only stayed in for a minute.  Look at that clear water!!  Oh, there were lots of fat black spiders under these rocks.  creepy.
 Back to Door Bluff:

 I was enthralled with these trees sprouting up in the water.  (not really...the water is just high this year.)  I will spare you the other dozen pics I took of them.  haha.
 James' walking stick:

Okay, gots to get to work.  xoxo


  1. This makes me miss Door County. All of the pictures are great, but that one with the water crashing on the rocks made me gasp. Lovely!


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