ultra rare Saturday post

or, um, ultra rare post in general?

Good morning!  I am sitting here with my favorite Halloween mug full of pumpkin spice coffee full of pumpkin spice creamer.  :)  Ahhhhhh, October.

That makes me want to look through my blog at old October posts.  I've always loved October.  Actually, I started this blog in October, NINE years ago.  I must at least blog occasionally until next year, the big ten.  Note to self.

So, how the heck are you?  Thank you, Teresa, for your comment on my last post.  I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your love of Door County with me.  :)  I have been missing it lately.  Patrick is off this week and we are going to have a morning fire one day, just like when we were camping.

Life has kind of sucked lately.  Just typing that makes me want to list all the good things, too, because they are still there, but it's just been hard.  I struggle with writing here when times are tough.  I always want to be honest but also some things must be kept private so it seems misleading to write about just the good stuff?  I suppose I can just say that.  I am struggling with some things lately but feel okay about that.  I think it is the time for me to be struggling with them.  All of my kids are in school now so let's bring the deep, emotional scars out to play with. HAHAHAHAHA.  snort.

These song lyrics from the Newsboys keep running through my head,
"There may be pain in the night
But joy comes in the morning
And when the oceans rage
I don't have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails"

So now that I said all of that I can feel comfortable telling you about the good stuff, too.

I joined another fall exercise challenge and when I looked at my little tracking notebook I saw that I weigh 10 pounds less than I did last November 1.  That was fun to see.  I also ran twice this week after only running once in all of September.  I have been biking and walking a lot but avoiding the run, so it felt good to just do it.  My friend suggested 1:1 run/walk intervals and it felt good.  Okay, it sucked.  But good, too, you know?

Ebay is going well.  I am trying to find work/life balance.  hahaha, of course I am.  Aren't we all??  I might give myself one day off a week so it doesn't feel like I am all ebay, all the time, you know?  Even if I don't spend the whole day on it, if I am doing it every day it feels like a lot.  I knew these first weeks would be just for figuring it out.  By the time I have a good routine, it will be summer again.  :)

I love having my kids in school.  LOVE.  The quiet is the best.  Knowing I can do whatever I need to do, by myself, is just so nice.  I appreciate it so much.  I was worried about getting all 3 of them out the door in the morning but it has been going SO WELL.  We have had one really bad morning and about 20 good ones so I am rejoicing.  James & Ruby are each a year older, so that much more responsible for themselves, and Nick surprised me by just doing what he is supposed to, no biggie.  CRAZY.  Love that.

Today we are planning on a hike and I want to clean out my (all of ours, really) summer clothes.  I don't remember liking my fall/winter clothes as much so it might be kind of a drag.  :)  Maybe I will surprise myself with some cute stuff I tucked away over the summer??  One can hope. 

I will end this post with some more pictures from, where else?, Door County.  This was from our first time there when my sister and her family and our mom came.  We spent one afternoon at the little beach in Ephraim (I believe) and the kids had SO much fun wrestling for the longest time.  (James was reading in the van.  tween.  haha!) 



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