back in business

I should not be doing this right now.

But I will be quick.  :)  Last week while Patrick was gone our kitchen sink clogged and our computer crashed!  He came home Friday night in the middle of a snowstorm to a house falling apart.  :)  Thankfully he got the sink fixed on Saturday and got me set up with a new computer yesterday.  He salvaged all of our photos and stuff from the old one.  Thank God!

So, I just wanted to say hi.  I have 1,000,000 errands to run today and it's early release.  Yay!

Here is a picture from Cranberry fest in September.  These are my friends that I met when we lived in Eau Claire, 20 years ago.  I love them, we had such a fun day.  I almost botched my friendship with Melissa (to my right when looking at screen) after my miscarriage that I had before James.  It was my first pregnancy and I got so depressed and didn't know how to express how big it felt to me.  I don't remember all of the details but I think I got mad and then said a bunch of shitty things???  Ugh.  I am sorry, Melissa.  Thankfully we got past that.  xoxoxo
And, randomly, here are 4 of the cousins at Grandma's house:



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