good coping skills, Nick

Yesterday the kids had early release so I brought (dragged) them to Picnic Point for a hike.  After the initial complaining we ended up have a really nice time.  It was gorgeous out...74?!?!?!?!?!

At one point we stopped and got a little fire going.  I had brought marshmallows to roast but not the other items for s'mores.  Nick was disappointed.  He laid himself across my lap to regroup and a few minutes later he whispered one of his secrets to me.  He said that sometimes, when he isn't getting what he wants, he just pretends in his mind that he is actually having it.  So, we weren't having s'mores but he was imagining that we were and that made him feel better.  :) 

Oh my gosh, I loved that.  He said it was one of his secret things but now I knew, too.  (and now all 3 of you, dear ones.)

I so love that he has figured out a little way to make himself feel better sometimes.  I love that he told me.

On this same subject, kind of: Ruby wrote on a report at school that one of her favorite things is hiking with her family.   So even though they complain and drive me to question myself, IT IS WORKING.  So, BOOM.  (my kids all say that, do yours???)  They will continue to be dragged on hikes.  Probably forever.  :)

So, how are you guys?  I am good.  Things are good here.  We had Halloween and stuff and that was fun.  We also celebrated my mom's birthday, heard that my brother and his wife are doing so good and my sister got a new job!  Yay! 

Pics soon, I hope!!  xoxoxo

p.s.  A couple of weeks ago Ruby spent hours going through my blog.  She LOVES it.  I can't let it stop now.  I hope it's not too late.  xo


  1. It's not too late!!! I love reading your blog posts. My boys are almost grown and it reminds me of their younger days.

  2. There is something magical and sweet and cozy about the baby of the family, isn't there? Love that you get to hear his secrets. I hope that never ends. Much different than those secretive first borns (or is it just mine?).


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