Lion's Den Gorge, Milwaukee

Good morning!  I found a lot of photos from last summer that I never shared here.  I want to keep them from getting lost in the abyss that is my unorganized computer so I am going to post them here.

I think it was in August that Patrick had to go to Milwaukee for a night for work.  I took the kids down and we hung out for the day, had dinner with Patrick and spent the night at the hotel, and then spent the next day visiting a couple other places.  (still need to track those photos down.)  These are from that first day when we visited a new to us place I found called Lion's Den Gorge.

There are lots of hiking trails, huge (terrifying) bluffs, a swampy area, and a big wooden staircase down to the lake.  I loved this place.  What a beautiful day.

 I made them lay down to look over the was a sheer drop down.  :) 



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