monday funday

Good Morning, dear ones.  It's Monday!  Holla!

Okay, not really but I have been up for hours and am ready to get this early release day party started!  Patrick had to leave at 5am so my body thought it was a good idea to wake up at 3:30?  Ugh.  This happens to me sometimes, but not as much as it was, Thank God.  I have already had my coffee and read some of my favorite blogs that still post things.  (ahem.)  I have no ebay items ready to list so here I am with 30 minutes before I have to wake those children of mine.

I am so excited to take a nap later!

In the spirit of lemonade from lemons, here are a list of things that I see as positives when he is gone:

1.  Who cares what we eat for dinner?  As long as it's moderately healthy, it goes.  I don't have a hungry husband coming home that I want to feed.
2.  No end of the day clean up time.  We normally tidy the house moments before he walks in the door.  Now this task can wait a bit longer because, who cares??  (but I do like it done...don't like waking up to a mess.)
3.  I only have to make hot chocolate for one at bedtime.  :)
4. Less laundry.

I never look forward to him being gone but no longer dread it, either, like when they were little.  I tell that to myself and mostly believe it BUT I do usually have the strange urge to eat lots of ice cream.  Something tells me him being gone might affect me more than I let on?  :)  To combat this I am going out today to buy my first pint (s) of Halo Top ice cream.  This stuff is supposedly really good and really low in 240 for the WHOLE PINT.  What?????

Thank you for the comments on my last post!  I know my current blog design is strange but I had wanted to showcase my photos and just haven't switched it back yet.  eta:  I changed things back to the Simple layout but changed column widths.  I hope this works better!

I recently discovered a cute little trail in the woods right here in our town.  It veers off from a path I often walk/run/bike on but we had never explored it until I did with a friend a few weeks ago.  I love it!  We dragged the children there last weekend.

Since today is early release I am tempted to take them on another hike.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I'm not going, to, though because 3:30 wakeup.  Instead I am hoping for a rainy afternoon so I can snooze while they are all safely in our house.

I think I will do an ebay post/update soon and maybe another on some exercise/weight loss stuff.  Nothing earth shattering, just me, going on about myself.



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