no calorie left behind

Oh my gosh.  Don't even ask me what time I woke up!!!  It might be due to the two boys in my bed, neither of which is my husband.  sigh.  James has an ingrown toenail that is hurting him and who knows why Nick came in but man, long night.  I never napped yesterday, either.  Just went to bed at 9:30.  It was a super busy but good day.  I did get the Halo Lemon Cake ice cream and tried a bite but wasn't in the mood for ice cream so didn't properly chow down.  It is really good but definitely feels different in your mouth...kind of like cold lemon air?  :)  Today I have the whole day at home so I am TOTALLY going to nap.  I promise myself!

Instead of the ice cream I ate 2 servings of this:
It is good!  I love kettle corn and sugar cookies so it was a no brainer.  I do like the peppermint stuff better, though.  I have to hold off on that for a while.  :)  (I searched recipes last night to make my own.  Yay!!)

So I think I said I joined a fall challenge group again?  It is a good way to keep me accountable with the weekend challenges and stuff that they post for us.  I really didn't want to gain weight over the holidays and since it was helpful last year, I signed up again.  The weekend before last our challenge was to have a "no cheat weekend".  We each decided what that meant for us and then tried to do it.  For me it meant not going over my calories at all.  On the weekend.  Quelle horreur.  (Don't forget, I've been to Paris, bitchezzzz!I did it, yay!  But then I ate like a pig on Monday & Tuesday and felt awful and bloated and like a failure that was going to gain all my weight back and never wear my cute clothes again.  (Okay, a bit dramatic, but sometimes life is I am like that.)  I decided that I would make it my personal goal to not go over my calories until Thanksgiving day.  And it's going well so far! (I do eat more on the days when I exercise, aka, eat some of my "exercise calories" back.  This is a huge debate on my fitness pal!) (I would die if I didn't so no debate here!)

This week I am even down a pound and a half which is always a surprise for me.  I am pretty good at maintaining but losing is so slow for me.  I can go a couple months bouncing around the same weight and then all of a sudden lose a pound or two.  Then I hang out there for ever, and repeat.  But that's okay.  I am NOT gaining so I am happy.  It is also fun/bewildering to see a weight on the scale that I have never seen before.  huh.  So that's how that feels.

Just to add:  I try not to be a slave to the scale because I know it is not a super good representation of what goes on in our bodies.  If I am up 3lbs one day, it can bum me out if I let it.  If I take a few days off (i.e. eat all the things) then I normally don't weigh myself until I have been back on track for a few days.  

My plan right now is to stay in calorie range until Thanksgiving weekend.  Take the weekend off (with exercise...doing a 5k, etc.) and then start again that Monday.  Who knows what December will bring but at least I will be going into it feeling good.  Then, BRING ON THE COOKIES.

I would like to wrap up this long, mostly pointless post with this, that I love:

 I am not quite in the "normal" range but do feel like I'm getting closer.

OH YEAH.  My last exercise related tidbit.  Last week I went for an hour long walk with my friend.  We walk at a pretty good pace and my heart rate monitor said I burned 250 calories and my average heart rate was 110.  Decent burn/enjoyable's all good.  I went to the dig after and decided to leave the monitor on as I have ALWAYS wondered how many calories I burn sifting through pounds of clothing.  Turns out it's a LOT.  

FORGET WALKING.  FORGET THE GYM.  I am now joining "Club Dig."  I burned about 350 calories an hour and my average heart rate was 117.  I was there over 3 hours that day (That was long for me but it was ALL new stuff. could. not. leave.) and burned over 1100 calories.  CRAZY.

It kind of blew my mind.  I can work/enjoy myself/work out/shop for my family ALL AT ONCE???  Life changer.

Also, I totally had pizza that night.



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